A 24-Year Old Student Fulfils His Sexual Fantasy In His Friend’s Car

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Meet Ben, a 24-year old student who has been dying to have sex with his former coursemate for the longest time. He finally links up with her and luckily for him, the feeling is mutual. The two end up having steamy sex in his friend’s car. Here is how it went down:

Origin Story

Rita and I were coursemates in the university so we would usually see each other in class. We never got to talk as we only made eye contact while chatting with our mutual friends. She withdrew from the department and switched courses by the end of the second semester which meant that we never got the chance to get close. One random day, I am scrolling on Twitter when I find a Spaces with a Rita as one of the listeners. ”This name looks familiar,” I say to myself as I check out her profile. To my surprise, it’s the same Rita, who has gotten real thick. I immediately follow her on Twitter and she follows me back. We start interacting on the timeline and I eventually discover that she has a sex blog. I quickly become an avid reader which leads to me sending her a private message asking if her stories are real or fiction. According to her, it’s a blend of fiction, personal experience and a friend’s. I get her number from the class group chat and we become quick friends as she starts sending her stories for me to look at. As time goes by, I start to realize that I am sexually attracted to her but I don’t tell her. I just soak it all in but in my head because I don’t want to fuck this up. We remain cool until a certain party on the mainland comes up. My guys and I were contemplating whether or not to go and eventually, we decide to go to the party. I upload the poster of the party on my WhatsApp status. Rita sees it and texts me to find out if I am going to the party, I tell her I am. She says she is also going and that I should let her know when we are leaving the house for the party. 


It is quite cloudy and I am feeling discouraged. My morale is gone because it rained from 9 am to noon. At this point, I am feeling like the universe wants me to stay home. After the rain, one of my guy friends calls and we decide to go to the party and crash at our friend’s house on the island if the party isn’t great. I finally get out of bed by 5:25 pm, take a shower and head to Fred’s house. I text Rita to let her know I am on my way. At Fred’s house, we chill and smoke before leaving to get our other friend, James. We get to the party by 7:15 pm to find that it is just starting. We grab a couple of drinks, dance and look around. When Rita arrives, she texts me to let me know that she is outside. Luckily, she is with her friend Benita. I take them to where my guys are and she introduces Benita to everyone. We were drinking when I decide that this is my chance to tell her what was going on in my mind. While we were dancing. I drag her away from everyone and she is shocked. She says “what is going on?” I tell her not to worry that I am not about to tell her anything crazy. “What is it?” she asks and I go for it saying, “for a while, the past 2 to 3 months, there’s been something that has been going on in my head and I think I should just let you know and see what you think about it and where we can go from here. I have had this sexual attraction to you and I would like to have sex with you”. She pauses for a while, then she looks at me and says “okay, sure no problem. I have felt the same way about you too”. I emphasize that I do not want to be in a relationship with her, I just want to have sex with her. To which she says, “yeah, I know. We are on the same page”. After getting that off my chest, I  become more comfortable around her at the party. At some point, she gives me a lap dance.


As the party starts to wind down, we start getting ready to leave. I tell Rita that we are going to our friend’s place. She says it works for her that she is going to the island and that she will join us on our way to Ikoyi and order an Uber to Lekki. It turns out Benita is going back to the mainland which prompts James to ask for 10 minutes to speak with her and hopefully get her number. With James setting his p and Fred sorting the bill, I tell Rita that we should wait by the car. By this point, we are tipsy and high since we have had alcohol and marijuana. Once we get to the car, she sits on the bonnet of the car, pulls me close and starts kissing me. I stop her because we are on the road with people around us. She insists that she doesn’t care and pulls me again. She uses her legs to lock me in and resumes kissing so I go with the flow. Now, it’s a full-blown make-out session on the bonnet. I start grabbing her boobs, kissing her neck and holding her real tight. We take a break when I see my guys coming towards the car. My guys sit in front while Rita and I sit behind. At first, we were all talking and reminiscing about the interesting parts of the party. Then, things get quiet and I notice Rita moving close to me. She pecks me so I give her a questioning look to find out if she wants to continue from where we left off with my guys in the car. She gives me a look that lets me know she doesn’t mind. She pecks me again and this time I grab her face. She put her legs on me to put herself in a more comfortable position and we start kissing again. This time it was way more intense. At first, I am holding her waist, then she adjusts in a way that my hand slips down to her ass and I grab it while kissing her. Things get heated and I am horny as fuck. At some point, I look up to see that my guys are enjoying the view from the front. One is looking through the side mirror, and the other is looking through the rear mirror. He gives me a thumbs up.

11:30 pm

We arrive at David’s house and park in front of his house. I quickly come out of the car to say hi to him and go back to stay with Rita. At this point, my friends are outside, right beside the car while Rita and I were inside. The car has tinted glasses. We can see what is going on outside but they can’t see what was going on inside. She gets into the original sitting position as we resume kissing. I unbutton her shirt, fondle her boobs and kiss her neck. While doing that, I grab her ass and she starts moaning which lets me know she is horny. Now, I am wondering if we are about to have sex in my guy’s car. While I was having these questions in my head, she whispers, “I want you here and now”. I am shocked that she can read my mind. I tell her I am not sure how my guy will feel about us having sex in the car. “Fuck it, anything that wants to happen should happen,” she replies so I say, “fuck it, let’s do this”. Immediately, she unbuckles my belt and zips my trousers. I take off her shirt and bra and start kissing her nipples. At this point, she is moaning loudly. Of course, no one can hear anything because the glasses are winded. I gently caress her nipples and unzip her jeans which she takes off. Since it’s a jeep, we have room to adjust our bodies as we take off our clothes. Naked, we were back in the position with her sitting on me. She strokes my dick and she gives me a hand job while at it. I am feeling really good and moaning. I start biting her nipples slowly and she says, “harder” “harder” so I increase the grip of my teeth on her nipples. She is moaning loudly and stroking my dick faster. I slide a finger in her pussy then another one. After a while, she says, “I want your dick now inside me”. I slide my dick slowly inside her pussy to find that she is wet as fuck. It’s like an ocean down there. My dick slides in easily while she sits on me and she starts to ride my dick slowly. She increases her pace which makes the car shake and attracts my friends’ attention. After assuring them that everything is okay, I tell her not to go fast so our friends don’t catch on. She continues riding but this time, she is going slowly in semi-circular motion and it’s crazy. We keep going at it for about 10 or 30 minutes before switching to the reverse cowgirl position. This time she is doing all the work and pleasing herself. She comes in no time and stops to catch her breath. “That was intense even though we were restricted, I still enjoyed it,” she tells me. She also lets me know that she would love to have sex properly with me. I agreed that we will work towards that. We dress up then she orders her Uber and heads to her house. I get down and go into David’s place.

*This article is based on real-life events. The names used are mere pseudonyms to protect the identities of the individuals mentioned in the article.

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Sex Diaries Vol 18: A 24-Year Old Student Fulfills His Sexual Fantasy In His Friend’s Car

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