In pursuit of toe-curling orgasms, women don’t need to be impressed by anything material

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Commerce in school taught us that the one main characteristic of money is scarcity. The Bible teaches us that money is the beginning of all evil. Nature, from its agrarian stage, indicates that a man must hunt, gather and provide either money or what money can buy to please a woman and keep a family. Traditionally, that element of provision is all it took for a man to be able to attract a woman and keep her. However, money has fast fallen down the pecking order and is no longer the centrepiece to hold together a relationship.

The woman of today is as opportunistic like them or even worse in her pursuit of sexual pleasure.

She knows what she wants and is unwilling to submit to mediocre performance even if that bed is lined up with Mexican pesos. She stops her pursuit of sexual gratification when she finds a source of toe-curling orgasms.

Whoever can deliver that effect alongside a mix of respect, support for her career, be sufficiently provident and also offer good genes for her progeny scores highest and has the realistic chance of forming a long-lasting bond that can form the foundation to make a family.

Money and its trappings can only earn them superficial desire. That kind of attraction is quickly generated when a woman sees the kind of vehicle he drives or the cologne he wears because she is able to project her payment terms based on the value of such points as where he lives or where his children go to school. Because we are in control of our bodies and can only commission reproduction when we want, we are able to sustain such superficial entanglements for as long as we can avoid the reproductive burden that can catalyse commitments we are not keen on. A wife can walk around armed with a coil inside her and several litres of systemic hormonal treatment circulating in her blood.

The man is yet to understand that when a woman truly desires a man, they do not need to be impressed by anything material. And to think that some men still believe they can chase after an uninterested female and make them submit by dangling their status and wealth to tame them! Truth is that such hard-earned wins lack the true desire to make them last and they are exposed to explosion at the simplest of strain, especially if the man loses those incomes or the status falls for whatever reason.

In a nutshell, it’s the nature of the jungle that an interested female will demonstrate interest and even pursue her object of desire, but money cannot generate that natural desire in a woman. Instead, it can only earn a man access to women and temporary sex underpinned by a transaction value.

For as long as men do not gain genuine desire from a woman, relationships will keep breaking and marriages will keep falling apart because we are too smart to know our value and happiness is not pegged on a man’s provision.

When a man feels in control just because he pays rent and school fee for children, it stirs a rebellion within us and we start to tuck away money to buy a plot in Syokimau, build it and then at an opportune time present divorce papers when we are ready to be free and experience true happiness away from what we label as ‘control freaks’.

Desire cannot be artificially manipulated, it must be natural and mutual in order for a family to hold.

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