Seven Adults Try Seven Sex Toys Over Seven Days In One-Of-A-Kind Challenge

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Over the course of one week, seven diverse participants recruited by Women’s Health Interactive (over 18) used seven different sex toys curated by Adam & Eve’s resident sex therapist, Dr. Jenni Skyler, Ph.D., LMFT, and CST, and provided by Adam & Eve.

Those participating in this unique and fun challenge (Kayla, Vanessa, John, Zoë, Kailin, Megan, and Wednesday) shared their individual experiences using each sex toy in a full video and written review that will be released daily over the course of seven days, starting May 3, with a final wrap-up launching on May 10.

Learn more about the challenge and participants here

In celebration of National Masturbation Month, Women’s Health Interactive and Adam & Eve encourage everyone to take part in this challenge on their own as a way of normalizing masturbation and the conversations surrounding the topic.

“National Masturbation Month is a perfect time to explore new ways to practice self-love and we’re looking forward to learning more from each person about their unique experiences,” said Jenni Skyler, PhD, LMFT, and CST.

“What better way to kick off National Masturbation Month and normalize conversations about sex, sexuality, and self-love than with the most unique ‘challenge’ you’ve ever seen – asking seven different people to try seven different sex toys over seven days to learn more about themselves and share their experiences courageously with the entire world,” added Chris Fernandez, CEO of Women’s Health Interactive.

Quick Stats From The Sex Toy Challenge:

  • 49 different sex toys were tried for a test run
  • 39 orgasms were achieved (not counting multiples!)
  • The average participant reached climax on five out of seven days during the challenge
  • One participant reached climax every day of the challenge
  • All seven challengers tried at least one style of sex toy that was brand new to them

By participating in the annual Sex Toy Challenge, people can become more comfortable with taking their sexual pleasure into their own hands — not just during National Masturbation Month, but throughout the entire year.

About Women’s Health Interactive

Women’s Health Interactive is an inclusive and passionate team of sex-positive writers and industry professionals who are dedicated to having open, honest, and fearless conversations about sex, sexual health, and relationships. They advocate for sexual pleasure without shame and through their work, encourage sexuality as something to be embraced — and celebrated.

For interviews/press contact with participants, please contact Women’s Health Interactive Editor-In-Chief Alison Huff at 330.503.2655 or [email protected].

2022 Sex Toy Challenge Results Page

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