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Under the so-called CSE, school pupils in open classrooms are required to touch each other’s genital saying:  “I like you”. The pupils are also expected to touch each other’s private parts and find out the differences in their respective private parts. As I write this, I have in front of me the youth peer sexuality education Training Guide/Toolkit, funded by the United Nations Population Funds (UNFPA) in collaboration with other United Nations agencies. This Guide contains suggested lessons for youth to teach their peers about sexuality. (Please, visit this site to see for yourself: http://www.unfpa.org/sites/default/files/jahia). I gather that the Guide is already being used in some Nigerian secondary schools. On page 59 of the Guide, students are required to give to their peers a list of sexual terms, including words like “vagina,” “breasts,” “orgasm,” “pleasure,” and “masturbation.”

On page 61, the youth facilitators are told to share with other youths with whom they feel more comfortable things like “Your sexual fantasies (fantasies), “Your feelings about oral sex (oral)”, “Whether you enjoy erotic material (X), “Whether you have fantasized about a homosexual relationship (gay-fan),” “Whether you have had a homosexual relationship (gay-exp)”. On page 75 there is a condom relay race activity involving boys and girls. It instructs the peer leader to “Ask two volunteers (participants or co-facilitators) to hold the two penis models” and then to invite two teams to race to put the condoms on the models. Let me add another fact that may shock you. A couple of years ago, some secondary teachers were hired and paid N20,000 each to be demonstrating in open classroom to secondary school boys and girls, with the aid of rubber penis and rubber vagina, the different technique of wearing the condoms before/during sexual intercourse. One of these teachers was traced to a Government College in Surulere, Lagos.

A couple of years ago, a Lagos-based NGO took the Federal government, Federal Ministry of Education and others to the Federal High Court, Lagos. I was the counsel for the NGO in the suit. Why did the NGO go to court? Because the following textbooks: New School Chemistry for Senior Secondary Schools By: Osei Yaw Ababio; Revised by: L. E.S Akpanisi Herbert Igwe; Modern Biology for Senior Secondary School By:  Sarojini T. Ramalingam, revised by Lucy I Akunwa and J.BC Obidiwe and the New School Physics for Senior Secondary By: M. W Anyakoha PhD, used in many secondary schools in Nigeria were smeared with the following watermark inscriptions: “I know that My Mother is a harlot and that my Father is a Kidnapper”, “I am a son/daughter of a  Harlot and kidnapper”, “I confess that my Family is bad, Evil, and a Disgrace to the Nation”, “My Parents Taught me how to love and smoke Indian Hemp, to kill and practice illegal things”.  At first, I could not understand why the publishers of the aforesaid textbooks smeared the pages of the books with the aforesaid watermark inscriptions. But after we had invited the publishers of the books to our law firm and interrogated them on their mission, it dawned on me that the water mark inscriptions were part of the efforts to sexualize school pupils as well as portray the family institution as something bad.

As we speak, the Honorable Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire (Oredo Local Council, Edo State) and the Federal Ministry of Health, in conspiracy with the World Health Organization (WHO), are distributing (free of charge, of course) dangerous abortificients, substances and sex pills such as long-acting irreversible contraceptives (LACs), long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) contraceptives such as Depo-Provera, (DMPA), Sayana Press, Norplant, Norethisterone Enanthate, IUCD, postinor 2, Lo-femenal, Norplant, suction tubes, Vasectomy (male sterilization), tubal ligation (female sterilization), among others, to the Nigerian public and Nigerian children. You will recall that in August 2012, Federal government spent a whopping sum of $11.3 million to purchase condoms for ‘safe-sex among Nigerian children.

In April 2011, the then Health Minister Prof. Chukwu flagged off an aggressive free distribution of contraceptives (including hormone and injectable contraceptives) in all public health centres and institutions in Nigeria. In 2017, the Federal Government spent another gargantum sum of N915m on procurement of contraceptive commodities for ‘safe-sex’. In July 2017 the then Health Minister Professor Isaac Adewole announced that in collaboration with its partners and the private sector, Nigeria would be spending additional $4.3 million for procurement of contraceptives in order to achieve a modern contraceptive distribution rate of 27% among all girls and all women in Nigeria by 2020. He also said that Nigeria was committed to increasing its annual allocation for contraceptives to $4 million in each of the States. At the behest of Prof Adewole, the Federal government announced in January 2018 that it has released $1m for free distribution of contraceptives for the enhancement of quality of ‘safe-sex’ among Nigeria adults and teenagers.

It beats the imagination that in a country like Nigeria where malnutrition and kwashiorkor are taking their highest toll on the citizenry; a country in which medical statistics reveals that 2,300 under-five children and 145 pregnant women are dying daily owing to lack of access to basic primary health, the Federal Ministry of Health, which was established to develop health policies and programs that will, inter alia, strengthen the country’s health system and our successive Ministers of Health, have chosen the path of infamy by conspiring with foreign organizations be supplying to the Nigerian populace the aforesaid dangerous drugs which are harmful to them.
To be continued tomorrow
Ekwowusi is a legal practitioner.


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