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365 Days: This Day ends on a cliffhanger, but will there be a 365 Days 3 to wrap up Laura and Massimo’s story? And if so, when will the movie arrive?

Now that 365 Days: This Day has earned commercial success and critical failure like 365 Days, the question of whether 365 Days 3 is happening looms large. Released in 2020, the original 365 Days was a huge hit for Netflix, much to the understandable chagrin of many reviewers. An adaptation of the novel series of the same name, 365 Days tells the tale story of Massimo, a mafia boss who takes Laura hostage and allots her the titular time frame to fall in love with him.

As with a lot of Netflix’s twisty erotic thrillers, like Deadly Illusions, 365 Days struck a chord with audiences despite earning laughably bad reviews upon release. Due to the movie’s popularity on the streaming service, a sequel was quickly green-lit, and 365 Days: This Day arrived in April 2022. As explicit as was its franchise predecessor, 365 Days: This Day added a lot more absurd twists to its story but still failed to win over critics.

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Despite this, 365 Days: This Day was almost as big a viral success as the original 365 Days. Netflix, evidently anticipating this success, shot both 365 Days: This Day and 365 Days 3 back-to-back in 2021. As a result, 365 Days 3’s release is already guaranteed — and could be sooner than viewers expect.

Will 365 Days 3 Happen?

Massimo in 365 Days 2 trailer

Despite the controversial release of 365 Days, the popularity of the franchise made the third installment an inevitability. The erotic thriller series is based on a trilogy of novels of the same name, meaning 365 Days 3 will likely be the last movie in the franchise. Between needing to wrap up the story and explain the cliffhanger ending of 365 Days: This Day, 365 Days 3 will likely be a much-anticipated addition to the series.

365 Days 3 Cast: Which Actors & Characters Can Return?

Surfing in 365 Days 2 trailer

Michele Morrone’s morally questionable hunk Massimo can return in 365 Days 3 but, unfortunately for the brooding mafia don, so can his rival for Laura’s affections, Simone Susinna’s Nacho. Natasza Urbanska’s Anna might return, although it is unclear whether she survived getting shot in 365 Days: This Day’s twist ending. One character who did survive getting shot in the sequel’s ending is Anna Maria Sieklucka’s Laura, who will return in 365 Days 3.

365 Days 3 Story: What This Day’s Ending Sets Up


Laura and Massimo about to kiss in 365 days 2 trailer still

365 Days: This Day’s ending left the franchise’s cast in quite a state. Massimo’s secret identical twin brother, Adriano, barely had a chance to make an impression before he was shot and most likely killed in the sequel’s ending, while his lover, Massimo’s ex, Anna, also may have bit the bullet in the same gunfight. However, Laura getting shot was far from the end of her story. Instead, this twist at the end of the first 365 Days sequel sets up her plot from the third novel wherein she recovers, runs away with Nacho, and gets kidnapped by Massimo, again, in an attempt to make her fall back in love with him. The novel also features a Wuthering Heights-inspired scene wherein Massimo kills her dog, but odds are Netflix will wisely opt to trim that particular incident from the streaming service’s adaptation.

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365 Days 3 Release Date Prediction

365 Days 2 Laura Massimo

Viewers had to wait two long years between the February 2020 release of 365 Days and the April 2022 release of 365 Days: This Day. However, this is unlikely to happen again as 365 Days 3 is slated to arrive later in 2022. According to Netflix’s statement regarding the two sequels — which were shot back to back — the streaming service said viewers could expect both movies in 2022. As such, 365 Days 3’s release date could arrive as early as October 2022, wrapping up the 365 Days franchise only a few months after 365 Days: This Day arrived.

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