‘I Tried An Audio Sex App For A Different Dose Of Erotica’

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Chances are you’ve spotted an ad for Dipsea amid images of that corgi you follow and your mate’s wonky lemon loaf. The app, which offers short, sexy audio stories aimed at women, is part of a new wave of audio erotica that offers a more empowering package than traditional, often somewhat confronting, visual porn.

“Audio sex has been around for ages, but we now have greater tech capabilities,” says psychosexual and relationship therapist Kate Moyle. “Plus, we’re seeing that sex ties into the wellness sphere. Factor in that audio sex means you can visualise your personal idea of what ‘sexy’ is, rather than it being dictated to you, and you can see the appeal.” 

Given that 90 per cent of women have been shown to use ‘mental framing’ – literally imagining – to get turned on, it makes sense to choose this tack. So, ever the intrepid guinea pig, I put Dipsea to the test.

My boyfriend is out so I take myself and my phone to my lamp-lit bedroom and hit download. The app is a collection of stories, with running times from around five
to 15 minutes. Categories include queer, straight, group stories, hook-ups and couples, and essentially involve you listening to a scenario as told by the people in it. For free, you can listen to seven stories, but pay around $18 a month and you can enjoy more than 400 tales, with new drops every week. As well as stories, you get extras, like guided erotic breathing and self-touch tips. 

I stick with the gratis offering and land on a story called Hot Vinyasa.

It features a woman who attends a new yoga studio and finds herself in a class run by a former marine. One night, as a solo student, she finds she gets his, ahem, full attention. I can’t say I find the military aspect intoxicating but, after endless Zoom yoga, the lure of an IRL version, even fictional, makes this one alluring. I hit play. The 15-minute episode spends five of those building the scene, gently, rather than expecting a zero-to-turned-on transition. The tension mounts and peaks with the
pair alone in the studio and, to my surprise, I’m swept along. I feel a slight flush in my body as the pace of my heart picks up. Likely conscious that this scenario could tap into some weird power dynamics, the creators have the woman making the first move, which I appreciated. Consent is sexy, kids.

Next, I try out Home Town, which features a woman who visits her parents and winds up getting down with a guy she used to know. The dude has a strange British accent that sometimes morphs into Australian – the app is American, by the way – which takes me out of the moment entirely. 

So, did Dipsea whet my appetite?  I certainly got caught up in the vinyasa episode, and the pacing and content are geared towards a more female sexual sensibility. Truth be told, I didn’t do anything more than listen, and I can’t say that I finished either story charged with sexual energy. I can see how spending more time in the app, perhaps going through more episodes and letting things build, could be a different story. They do say practice makes perfect… 

Pleasure Platforms

Tap into more sexual wellness audio offerings


Access expert-led programs (like ‘Cultivating Desire’) with this guide to mindful sex and sexual self-care. Around $25 for a monthly membership. Weareferly.com


This platform is all about diverse, inclusive, positive and sophisticated erotica, told from a female perspective. Just $4.99 for a monthly membership. Andjane.com


The sex ed you wish you’d had. Tune into wellness sessions and female- pleasure-focused stories. About $16.49 per month for access. Letsemjoy.com

The Verdict     Overall Score  8.5/10

1. Desire-stoking    7/10             

2. Value for Money    8/10             

3. Ease of Use    10/10             

4. long-term Solution    9/10

‘I Tried An Audio Sex App For A Different Dose Of Erotica’

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