Why Women Who Own Their Sexuality Are Empowering

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By Samantha Case

As a young girl, I worried that having too many sexual partners would diminish my worth.

I overheard rumors about women who “slept around,” and I feared being included in that group.

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So I was always careful about how I shared my sex life and with whom I shared it.

As I got older and became more sexually active, my girlfriends and I would count how many people we had slept with, as if each one was a mark against our value as women.

I wondered what number automatically earned the title of “slut,” and I certainly didn’t want to reach it.

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Society’s teachings about sexuality were constantly challenging for me to swallow because I had always felt sexual.

I enjoyed having sex; I craved it. And not just with one man… but with several.

Since there was always a silent agreement with those around me that being a sexual woman was the opposite of being a woman of integrity, I was unsure how to approach my own desires.

I didn’t know how to be both promiscuous and respectable.

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