15 Best Finger Vibrators for Your Sex Life, According to Experts

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When it comes to pleasurable sex and masturbation, using a targeted approach is often your best bet for an, ehrm, gratifying experience. And the best finger vibrators will not only get you where you need to be, but they might also help you achieve multiple orgasms.

While it may seem like a tool just used for fun, the best sex toys offer many health benefits for you and your relationships. “Ultimately, vibrators can work quicker, lead to less mess, and generally requires less energy if you’re not in the mood for a more active sexual experience,” says Kate Balestrieri, C.S.T., licensed psychologist, sex therapist, and founder of sexual health platform, Modern Intimacy.

This is also why she recommends using finger vibrators. These small sex toys are designed to slide onto your fingers or sit right between them, allowing you to use one as an extension of your finger. “Finger vibes often don’t require that you make any changes to your sexual routine,” says Jessica O’Reilly Ph.D., sex and relationship expert for Lovehoney and founder of Happier Couples Inc. “You can simply do what you normally do (touching, caressing, oral, intercourse) and slide them on your finger for a little extra stimulation,” says O’Reilly.

“Finger vibrators are also great for people to extend the experience of their own touch,” says Balestrieri. “Because they are often easy to hold, or slide over a finger, there is less mobility and agility required to access the pleasure of a vibrator. When used via solo sex, a finger vibrator allows you to stay more closely connected to your own sensations and erotic energy because it organically matches your own movements,” she explains.

Whether you have a treasure trove of sex toys or this is your first one, finding the best one to suit your needs can be a game-changer for your sex life. “Finger vibes are easy to use and intuitive. Most have a single motor and only one or two buttons to control intensity. Other benefits include using it across the body to explore the erogenous zone—from the perineum and nipples to the inner thighs, belly button, and nape of the neck,” says O’Reilly.

How we choose the best finger vibrators

We consulted Balestrieri, O’Reilly, and countless customer reviews to find the best finger vibrators for sexual play.

Ready to try one out for yourself? Check out the best finger vibrator options, below!

Our top picks

Best Finger Vibrator Overall

Fin Vibrator
Dame Products

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Best Finger Vibrator With Speed Options

Sensation Rechargeable Finger Vibrator
Fifty Shades of Grey

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Best Waterproof Finger Vibrator

Lovelife Rev Easy Grip Clitoral Finger Vibrator

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Best Finger Vibrator for Couples

BE ONE Finger Vibrator

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Best Dual Function Finger Vibrator

Licking Tongue and Finger Vibrator

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Best Finger Vibrator Overall

Fin Vibrator

  • Water Resistant
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Some Users Note the Power Is Weak

This tiny-but-mighty vibrator was previously listed as one of our best vibrators for women and is worth every penny! Water-resistant, made with medical-grade silicone, and fit with three various speeds, it’s perfect for beginners, couples, and anyone who wants to engage in some self-love without a bulky toy. “We have tried numerous vibrators,” one reviewer wrote. “The Fin is the best so far. It allows intimate contact, especially in the missionary position.”

Best Finger Vibrator With Speed Options

Sensation Rechargeable Finger Vibrator

  • USB Rechargeable
  • 20 Various Speeds
  • Some Users Note the Pointed Tip Can Cause Discomfort

“This size and shape of this finger vibrator are great for wrapping around the lips, sliding up and down, side to side, and playing with pinpointed pleasure against the head of the clitoris using its rounded tip. It offers 20 different speeds and patterns and is rechargeable, with an 100-minute run-time. If you like vibing and rubbing, this one is ideal for external play,” says O’Reilly.

Best Waterproof Finger Vibrator

Lovelife Rev Easy Grip Clitoral Finger Vibrator

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Waterproof

“This two-finger vibrator is ergonomic, easy to use, and gives you the power to shape and control the vibrational impact. A two-finger grip ensures it stays in place, so your focus is all on the pleasure it brings,” says Balestrieri.

Best Finger Vibrator for Couples

BE ONE Finger Vibrator

  • Works for Men and Women
  • Comes With a Cleaning Case
  • Some Users Note It Has Low Motor Power

This vibrator is shaped just like a finger, so first-time users can rest assured that it will feel natural and easy to use. Designed to rest between your fingers, it will help deliver vibrations every time you touch it. It also has two strong motors that bounce vibrations off of each other, helping to enhance any sexual experience, according to the brand.

Best Dual Function Finger Vibrator

Licking Tongue and Finger Vibrator

  • Double Stimulation Features
  • Nine Vibration Modes
  • Some Users Note It’s Hard to Clean

This dual vibrator is an excellent pick for those looking for a toy that can provide various ways of pleasure. It features a uniquely soft, real-like tongue that creates licking motions to stimulate the g-spot and clitoris. The fingertip also feels smooth and has a slight friction surface texture to help create a realistic sexual experience.

GLUVR Rechargeable 6 Function Finger Vibrator

  • Some Users Say It’s Not Long Enough

“GLUVR is unique in that it’s flexible and offers two different pressure points, so you can play in many different ways (you can slide one finger inside and leave the other to vibe externally while exploring a pinching motion for extra pressure.) You can also slide your thumb, index, or middle finger inside and toggle through the three intensities and vibrating patterns,” explains O’Reilly.

Best Discreet Finger Vibrator

Mini Marvels Finger Vibes

  • Different Finger Sizes Available
  • Ultra-Plush Silicone Material
  • The Side Buttons Require Force to Turn On/Off

“Easy to use, especially for people who may struggle to hold on to small objects or other sex toys, this vibe slips right over the tip of your finger,” says Balestrieri. “Extending and amplifying your own touch, with two levels of vibrations, the Mini Marvels Finger Vibes is a great toy to titillate any part of your own or partner’s body,” she adds.

Best Budget Finger Vibrator

Ipo 2 Vibrator, Purple

  • Affordable
  • Powerful Motor
  • Some Users Note It’s Too Soft

Don’t be fooled by the size of this tiny vibrator. It really packs a punch—twice the power of its original model, to be exact. It has 12 vibration patterns and multiple speeds, slides easily onto any finger, has an easy-to-use control interface, and can work for up to two whopping hours from a single AAA battery, according to the brand.

Best Finger Vibrator for Beginners

Excite 10 Function Finger Vibrator

  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Vibration Strength
  • Some Users Note It Runs Out of Charge Quickly

“This one is affordable, compact, and offers three speeds and seven different vibration patterns so you can explore and learn how your body reacts to vibrations. It’s waterproof, battery-powered, and comes with replacement batteries,” says O’Reilly.

Vibrations Ultra Touch Intense Personal Massager

  • Limited Vibration Settings

“No stranger to the landscape of sexual pleasure, Trojan’s petite and discreet finger vibrator is economical and spot on. The sleeve’s ribbing provides layers of extra sensation and enhances the erotic rhythm of your self-touch or a partner’s touch,” says Balestrieri.

DiGiT Powerful Rechargeable Finger Bullet Vibrator

  • Long-Lasting
  • Rechargeable
  • Satisfaction Results Tend to Differ Among Users

When you want some internal stimulation without doing a lot of work, the digit finger vibrator is where it’s at. “It has a ton of intensity and options for different vibration patterns for being something so small and sleek looking,” wrote one Amazon customer. “I thought it was easy to wear and control with only one hand—so you can definitely use it alone or with a partner.” Plus, it’s waterproof and features a smooth, contoured shape for pleasurable comfort!

Gender X Flick It Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator

  • Nine Vibration Functions
  • Tongue-Flicking Base
  • Not Compatible With Water-Based Lubes

“This finger vibrator is double the fun, for those looking for simultaneous penetration and clitoral stimulation,” says Balestrieri. “Its tongue-flicking base is designed to mimic the sensation of oral sex while giving the G-spot love at the same time. The toy might be little, but there is nothing small about its pleasure potential.”

  • Compatible With Water-Based Lubricants
  • Medical-Grade Silicone Material

Previously listed as one of the best sex toys for lesbian couples, this finger vibrator feels soft and natural (like human fingers!). Created to gently accommodate two fingers comfortably and securely, the extender provides a pleasurable experience while keeping great control, making it perfect for partner or solo finger play.

  • Dual Motors
  • Bath-Friendly

“This finger vibrator has a unique shape (similar to fingers) that is easy to hold and maneuver, and surrounds the clitoris with two prongs of vibrational power. Pulsing or continuous vibes help enhance the sensation and allow you or a partner to pinch, tease, and robustly massage the clitoris into bliss,” says Balestrieri.

G Spot Finger Vibrator with Bullet

  • Hypoallergenic Silicone Cover
  • Strong Vibrations

“Really love this toy, it’s lots of fun for couples and solo play. The battery lasts for a long time, and it seems to charge pretty fast. I would definitely recommend it,” wrote one satisfied user. It also features nine vibration modes, a silky-smooth silicone material, ripples at the fingertip, and lasts for 1.5 hours.

How to choose the best finger vibrator

✔️ Check the size and design. “While most finger vibrators are relatively small, they do come in different sizes and shapes. Some offer a larger touchpoint, and others have a smaller, more concentrated touchpoint. Consider the kind of stimulation you prefer or would like to explore,” says Dr. Balestrieri.

✔️ Take note of the texture. “Some vibes are smooth, and others provide a bit of texture (nubs or ridges) for varied sensations. If you like to hold the vibe still or move it gently across hot spots, consider something more textured,” says O’Reilly. “If you like to rub with more substantial pressure using the vibe, you might consider something smoother. But there are no universal rules because everybody is different.”

✔️ Be aware of the material. “Most vibrators are made from skin-friendly silicone. They may have a USB port for charging or require batteries. Some are waterproof, others water-resistant, and some have parts that may not be safe for water or liquid immersion,” warns Dr. Balestrieri.

✔️ Consider how you plan to use it. “Some slide over the finger and are like a glove or second skin,” says Dr. Balestrieri. “Others have a loop that fits around one or two fingers, and some have a handle of sorts, that is designed for easy grip. Each comes with various pros and cons and requires different levels of attention, agility, and maneuvering.”

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