Internet Horrified at ‘Vile’ Neighbor Keying Author’s Car Over Erotic Books

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Whether they’re blocking your driveway or shining a light directly into your bedroom, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone without a nightmare neighbor story to share.

But one woman’s tale of a nasty neighbor went from creepy to court, all over a little bit of erotic fiction.

Posting to Reddit’s AmItheA******? subreddit on May 8, user Interesting-Reply118 asked if she went too far calling the police on the woman who lives next door.

In her post, the woman—who describes herself as single and in her early 30s—explained that she makes a living writing erotic fiction. However, she keeps her unconventional career on the DL.

“By adult fiction, I mean, ADULT fiction with majority of the ‘plot’ being steamy,” she wrote.

“I don’t typically tell people what I write but I do tell them I write books for a living under a pen name.

“I am not hiding it per se but I am not telling everyone I meet what I do for a living and none of my neighbors knew, only a bunch of friends.”

A married couple called Roger and Dalia live next door to the Redditor, and although they weren’t close, until recently the neighbors had been amicable. But one day, Interesting-Reply118 noticed Roger behaving “very friendly” towards her.

She explained: “He’s been getting too flirty for my liking, and I started avoiding him.

“They had a BBQ over the bank holiday [British public holiday] weekend, and I was taking [trash] out to put in my bin, Roger looked at me, waved ‘hi’ and whispered something to his friend and they both watched me very carefully which was incredibly creepy.”

Roger and his friend weren’t the only ones acting strangely.

“I saw Roger’s wife (Dalia) leaving the house with her friend and they both looked at me with disgust and whispered something to each other.

“It was weird and I hurried back inside.”

The next morning, the woman was shocked to find religious leaflets pushed through her letterbox.

“They were just printed on normal printer paper and were warning about lustful behavior leading “to hell, etc,” she said.

“Threw them away but kept finding similar leaflets put through my letter box for the next week.”

After catching Dalia posting the leaflets through her door, the woman decided to politely confront her neighbor. It turned out that someone had told Dalia and Roger what the Redditor does for a living, and Dalia was not ok with it.

She said: “She told me that I should rethink my life because what I write is disgusting (it’s pretty vanilla) and she found her husband reading it at night and you can imagine doing what.

“She kept going on and on [about] how I am going to burn in hell, how I have no morals, etc.

“Well, I told her to stay away from me and discuss this with her husband and I closed the door in her face.”

After the confrontation, things quickly began to escalate, with someone painting the word “slut” on her front door.

She continued: “A few days later, I caught her keying my car, she was almost done with the word ‘whore’.

“Well, I called the police on her and since I installed cameras after the ‘slut’ incident, she is being taken to court over keying my car.”

Despite the couple next door’s behavior, the neighborhood was shocked that the woman had chosen to call the police on Dalia.

Concluding her post, Interesting-Reply118 said: “I talked to my other neighbor (she asked about the police) about it and she told me that I went overboard, that Dalia was clearly insecure but she’s a lovely woman and great mother and I should have talked to her instead of calling the police and give her a chance to change her behavior.

“[Am I the a******] for calling the police and not giving Dalia a chance?”

According to a survey conducted by, 36 percent of Americans are in a long-running feud with their neighbor. Some 20 percent of those surveyed suspect the people next door of spying on them, with nosiness the second most cited reason that respondents avoid their neighbors.

The post has received 20,000 upvotes and over 1,000 comments from Reddit users supporting the poster, with xiaolongbaochikkawow writing: “when people harass you and commit crimes against you, you call the police. Absolute zero shades of grey in that.”

Canuck_2022 said: “Her behavior is vile and letting her get away with it just encourages her to continue or escalate.”

PenniesandSense commented: “If she’s keying your car and painting rude names on your door she is not a “lovely woman”.

“Just because she doesn’t like what you write doesn’t give her the right to destroy your property.”

Several users suggested that Dalia is “directing her anger” at the wrong person.

Bear_Cub_15 said: “Jealous and insecure people like to direct their anger at the wrong target.

“This is an issue she needs to take up with her husband and herself if she’s that bothered by it. It has absolutely nothing to do with OP.”

NickelPickle2018 agreed, writing: “I hate women who have this mindset. Instead of addressing her husband she is attacking you.

“He’s a married man being inappropriate with his neighbor but you’re the problem.”

While Brigrrrl commented: “If the neighbors husband likes erotic fiction that’s for him and wifey to discuss as OP has nothing to do with their relationship or what they are reading.

“I’d be all too happy to tell her “Guess what Im writing now? A police report! And it’s all about YOU!””

Although Interesting-Reply118’s situation is bad, at least her neighbors are living. One woman claims her “haunted” doll collection is scaring off residents in her apartment building, with the paranormal activity “radiating” from her home causing her neighbors to flee.

Newsweek has reached out to u/Interesting-Reply118 for comment.

Woman arguing with neighbor at front door. Things escalated quickly with the woman’s next door neighbor, who took issue with what the poster does for a living.
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