Increased Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life

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It’s true that most moms are stressed and busy. In fact, many moms feel like they don’t get any time to themselves to just breathe. However, even mom deserves to have a little fun from time to time — even in the bedroom.

Sometimes, though, women find it difficult to enjoy sex, especially after they’ve had a few kids and stay constantly busy and stressed. Sometimes women think they need to branch out or try something extravagant to rekindle the flame between the bedsheets, but apparently, that isn’t the case. In fact, the team at TrueMedical says the answer to improving your sex life is simple: you just need to work out a bit.

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Back in March, TrueMedical interviewed 1,099 male and female individuals from across the United States. The respondents answered a series of questions about their overall satisfaction with their sex lives, their daily habits, and their career.

  • According to the data collected, just under 69 percent of women who reportedly felt “very satisfied” with their sex life also work out several times per week.
  • This number was consistent with how the men surveyed responded as well, with around 68.5 percent of them claiming to work out several times per week and feeling “very satisfied” with their sex lives as well.
  • Competitively, less than 10 percent of individuals who reportedly feel unsatisfied with their sex lives claimed to work out diligently.

While this may sound like a somewhat ridiculous connection, it really isn’t. In fact, the team at TrueMedical and experts at Healthline say there are a number of reasons why working out frequently can improve your overall sexual satisfaction.

Some reasons why include:

  • Regular exercise improves stamina, flexibility, strength, endurance, and sexual function.
  • Exercise reduces stress hormones, which can help increase libido.
  • Working out boosts confidence and body image, which can help women feel more interested and satisfied with sex.
  • Regular workouts help build leg, core, and pelvic floor muscles, which can improve orgasms.

Furthermore, studies show that exercise more specifically improves short-term and long-term sexual satisfaction for women in particular. While the science behind this is still being looked at, most experts assume that exercise improves arousal and reactivity of the body’s sympathetic nervous system and overall health.

This research provided by TrueMedical could make a huge difference in many marriages, especially given that over 60 percent of all women are actually not satisfied with their sex lives at this point, and nearly 20 percent of married couples claim their marriage is “sexless.”

Obviously, exercise won’t fix all of your marital issues, but as this data shows, working out either with your spouse or on your own could help you both connect more intimately and increase your overall satisfaction in the bedroom.

Sources: TrueMedical, Healthline, Sexual Medicine Review, Healthy Women


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