‘My husband cheated after 22 years – so I kicked him out and slept with 8 men’

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When Laura Friedman Williams’ husband of more than two decades confessed his infidelity to her, she was shattered – but her new-found single freedom opened up opportunities she never dreamed she would have

Laura Friedman Williams was devastated when her marriage ended

A woman whose husband confessed an affair after 22 years of marriage says the betrayal helped her discover her “superpower.”

Laura Friedman Williams was 47 when her husband, who she met her husband at university, came home and told her he’d been unfaithful.

While Laura admits their sex life had gone stale, the pair shared three kids together and she couldn’t imagine growing old with anyone else.

However, for author Laura, now 51, there was only one option after her husband’s admission – she kicked him out and demanded a divorce.

Five months after the split she dipped her toes into the dating world, deciding she needed to make up for lost time.

Laura has rediscovered her sexuality since becoming single



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Having never dated in her 20s, she downloaded Tinder and vowed to make the most of being single, telling herself she was free to do whatever she wanted.

She told the New York Post: “If you want to sleep with two men on the same day, you can. If you want to have a tryst in the middle of the day, you’re free. The only person who can judge you is yourself. And if you’re fine with it, screw everyone else.”

Over the next year, Laura bedded eight men she met on dating apps – and has some stories to tell from her escapades.

Writing in her memoir Available, she details steamy afternoons in hotel rooms and midnight booty calls – juggling her sex life with being a mum to three kids.

However, there were also a few experiences that made her realise exactly what she didn’t want from her new-found freedom.

After meeting a man for a lunchtime coffee, Laura ended up back at his flat where the pair slept together.

When he initiated round two shortly after, the mum recalled feeling not 100% into the experience.

While she insists the sex was consensual, she realised she wasn’t putting her own needs first and instead going through the motions to please someone else.

This and other experiences helped Laura to discover her sexuality in a way she hadn’t during her marriage.

She also claims she learnt how to satisfy men simply by asking them what they wanted and what they liked – and she refused to let age stop her from being confident in the bedroom.

Laura said: “I didn’t buy into the theory that because I was older, I was less desirable. Men were very attracted to the fact I was a strong woman who didn’t want anything from them and was calling the shots.”

Juggling the school run with her wild sex life meant Laura had to plan ahead with her trysts, but she always found a way around it.

“If I was having a good date and a man would kiss me goodbye, I would tell them, okay, I have two hours. Let’s go back to your place,” she said.

While some men were a little taken aback by her forthrightness, Laura said most of her lovers were attracted to her attitude and the fact she knew what she wanted.

Now in a relationship-of-sorts, Laura wants other women to enjoy their sex lives – and insists good sex can be a way out of heartbreak.

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