The Ultimate Guide on How to Sext

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Your fantasies may also change from person to person, and how you sext with one partner might not look the same as another. Feel the vibes, play off the energy, and remember, you’re having a conversation, so focus on giving and receiving pleasure equally.

The next time you’re feeling freaky, get a read on your partner’s feelings and hit them with one of our sexting recommendations. If you can’t tap them IRL, at least you can tap your screen with our advice.

What are the best sexts to send?

Sexting may be less intimidating than setting the mood in person, but it’s still a craft, so you want to be thoughtful with what you write. Here are some of the best sexts you can send, in order from the sweetest to the hottest.

The “I miss you” sext

Let your partner know that you’re thinking of them with a simple “I miss you” text. Letting them know you enjoy their company is a great way to spark the flame. Riccio says you can say something like, “I can’t stop thinking about you” or, “I wish we were together right now.”

The compliment sext

Make your partner feel good about themselves with a compliment; you can try saying something nice about their outfit or telling them you love the way their body looks. Ramppen says you can say, “You looked so good today heading to work baby! I love the way those pants fit you. Maybe I can help you take them off when you get home later.”

The what-I-would-do sext

You may not be next to the person, but you can tell them what you would do if you were. Any variation of a what-I-would-do text can set the mood. Try one of Riccio’s sentence starters: “I’m at work right now but would much rather be ______” or, “If I were there I would _____.”

The interactive sext

Really want to tease your partner? Lure them in with a playful game. Ramppen says you can seduce them by saying, “Guess what I’m wearing?” or even, “What would you like me to wear later?”

The past memory sext

If you’ve already experienced pleasure with your partner, you can relive that experience through text. Ramppen says you can hit your partner with a, “Remember when I _______? We should do that again” text.

The naughty nude sext

Nude photos are a fast way for you and your sexting partner to get in the mood because they offer a visual. A good picture (or video) could really pique your partner’s interest; they can stand on their own or you can accompany it with text for extra heat. Try sending an, “I want you to lick my ______. Can you do that for me?” text along with a picture, and see how far you go. Riccio also says you can take a subtler approach, like, “I look so sexy right now. Wanna see?”

Regardless of which sexts you decide to send, Riccio says, “the best sexts leave the door open and keep the conversation moving. You never want to reply with something that brings the back-and-forth flow screeching to a halt. When in doubt, tell them how turned on you are by what they just said, and finish your sext with a question. But if you’re completely at a loss for words, sending a sexy snapshot ought to keep the ball rolling!”

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