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Nowadays, it kind of feels like everyone has their very own ~sexual wellness~ range. Whether it’s good old-fashioned Boots or an ever-growing list of celebs (Lily Allen, Demi Lovato, Dakota Johnson, Cara Delevingne…) it’s clear that sex sells. The latest person to join team sex positivity? None other than Gemma Collins aka The GC aka Essex’s finest…

Partnering with Durex, she’s the face of their newly launched sex toy collection: a trio of vibrators (a rabbit, soft anal-friendly vibrator and slender insertable vibrator) intended to kickstart conversations about masturbation or, as the accompanying press release puts it, “self love”. Admittedly, this link-up is kind of inspired: after-all, Gemma Collins knows a thing or two about speaking her mind. If anyone is going to cut through the awkwardness and start convos about pleasure, it’s her.

We’re able to catch up with the woman of the hour over the phone in a rare moment of down time. She’s currently in rehearsals for a UK and Ireland production of Chicago and has just launched a collection for New Look, so is busy af, but still brimming with energy throughout our conversation.

For Gemma, even though the taboo around sexuality is finally easing up, it can still feel just a little embarrassing to talk about pleasure. This is something she’s keen to change through her work with Durex. “I just wanted to normalise the going forward, so that people feel more confident about their sexual pleasure. A lot of people don’t talk about it,” Gemma says. “There’s no need to be embarrassed about self-love, masturbation or sex toys, let’s break the taboo.”

Charity begins at home, as they say, which is why Gemma is outspoken when it comes to her own experience with masturbation and sexual pleasure. “You know what, I’m always self-loving. It took me a few years but [now] I’m all over the self-love journey, a billion percent,” she laughs.

But that’s not to say Gemma hasn’t been a bit pleasure-shy in the past. Speaking about the lessons she would teach her younger self, she chooses some choice words of wisdom when it comes to masturbation and sexual pleasure: “Don’t be ashamed, don’t be afraid – just go for it and go for it good!” And when asked if she has any tips for confidence in the bedroom, her answer is equally enthusiastic. “No hiding, just be who you are and rip those clothes off and go for it!”

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Clearly, there’s still work to be done when it comes to chipping away the internalised sexual shame that lingers on for many people. In a survey accompanying the sex toy launch and campaign, Durex found that 16% of people experience feelings of guilt when they masturbate and that 10% and 13% feel confusion and embarrassment. Breaking this stigma is something Gemma feels passionately about, striking a more sombre note as she explains that; “People find it really hard to self love to be honest. We do deserve pleasure and to have a good life and to have fun [but] people find it really awkward self-loving themselves.”

The same survey also found that 64% of people don’t own a sex toy, citing feelings of shame, a stat that Gemma would love to see change in the future. “You can have a whole collection of these toys, just like you’ve got a collection of lipsticks or eyelashes,” she says. And if at first you don’t succeed? Try, try again. “Don’t expect it to be perfect on the first go, use the toys regularly to find your pleasure points, get the conversation going,” Gemma explains. “Then, everyone will be more confident going forward.”

Winding things down, it feels only right to pose the question we’ve all been wondering. What’s the GC’s favourite sex toy? Her answer comes loud and clear: The Durex Dual Head Rabbit Vibrator. It’s waterproof, with dual action motor and 8 vibration modes…”and it’s pink!”

Durex has partnered with Gemma Collins to launch its new range of vibrators. Together, they hope to normalise self-love and de-stigmatize sex toys helping us all get the pleasure we deserve. Shop the collection here.

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