Hello, Indian Gynecologists! Women Can Have Sex Without Being Married in 2022

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New Delhi: Women’s health has long been one of the neglected areas of medical research. Hysteria was the most prevalent diagnosis for symptoms such as anxiety, shortness of breath, fainting, nervousness, sexual desire, insomnia, fluid retention, heaviness in the belly, irritability, and lack of appetite for food or sex for the longest time.

Women’s complaints would be ignored on the basis that they were simply acting out. This is a tradition that has persisted; in fact, when it comes to women’s health, we have only made minor progress in the last few decades, if not centuries.

So most of it can be attributed to gynaecologists around the country making hasty diagnoses. While there are many concerns that need to be addressed, we will focus on one in particular, a difficulty that every Indian woman who has been sexually active faces when she visits a gynaecologist.

It’s the misconception that single women don’t have sex!

There is still a stigma against sex and a strange obsession with virginity that is to blame for some significant medical malpractice that can and does cause health problems in women.

Second, motherhood is a national obsession in this country. So much so that in India, gynaecological treatment is always associated with pregnancy. While we wax eloquent about having access to abortion in comparison to the United States, the reality is that doctors will treat you with a preference for the health of your foetus, which may be at the expense of your own health.

Even when it comes to pregnancy, there is little discussion about post-partum depression, which is strange in a culture preoccupied with having children and worshipping mothers.

But we’re getting away from the topic a little. Why are there no sex positive gynaecologists in India? You completed an MBBS programme. You’re a specialist in the field, right? What is sex such a taboo subject for you? It is not necessary to be married to have sex.

According to a 2018 report, the peak age of first sex for women is 15-19 years old. In our nation, sex is already treated with such reverence, as if the entire family’s honour is enshrined in a woman’s vagina, and having sex before marriage simply kills it. In our country, women are murdered for less. To begin with, there aren’t many safe areas for them.

An OB/GYN is expected to give that secure space for them to discuss sex, be informed, alert, and avoid STDs, pregnancies, and UTIs, among other things.

Hello, Indian Gynecologists! Women Can Have Sex Without Being Married in 2022

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