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Manhattan: Last weekend’s shooting of 13 innocent victims in Buffalo demands reflection and reaction, and cries out for mourning and a search for meaning. Although the racist motive seems clear, the fact that a crazed gunman was on a killing spree in a neighborhood supermarket on an otherwise lazy Saturday afternoon, and that he live-streamed his venomous crime, makes the heartlessness and culpability of his actions unfathomably sickening, and not his alone. As the well-respected civil rights attorney Ben Crump sees it: “Politicians who are trying to use fear to stimulate their base… to help get cable news ratings… (are) accomplices to this mass murder… even though they did not pull the trigger, they loaded the gun.”

New York has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, including the controversial “red flag” law to prevent persons considered dangerous to themselves and to others as unfit to legally have guns. But guns are purchased outside of this state and brought here. Without stricter national gun laws and the elimination of various loopholes in existing laws, it will be impossible to control guns; they will still get into the wrong hands. Although this latest killing spree was done with a legally purchased rifle — an AR-15, known to be used by soldiers like those fighting in Ukraine — the rise in illegal “ghost” guns also presents a huge threat to innocent bystanders.

As a legislator, you didn’t instigate the gunman with coded rhetoric or encourage the use of social media as a provocative means of gaining followers. But without enacting laws, guns will be loaded by accomplices who did nothing! Gregory Floyd

Manhattan: So Voicer Don Schwarz “imagines” that things might have turned out better in Buffalo had a customer “or three or four” with guns been around to “assist” the security guard. Such tripe is as dumb an idea now as it’s always been. We no longer live in the Wild West. These crazed gunmen, like the 18-year-old in this case, are often protected by helmets and bulletproof body armor. Any customer dumb enough to try to intervene with their own weapon very likely would have ended up exactly as the guard did: dead. When will these gun nuts understand that the only way to prevent gun violence is to eliminate the guns? Michael Udolf

Bayside: We have failed miserably as a society when mass shootings are allowed to keep happening multiple times throughout the week, every week, in the good ol’ U.S.A. Prayers and thoughts are meaningless. Politicians sit idly by and do nothing for fear of not being re-elected. There is no doubt of the Buffalo shooter’s guilt and yet my taxes will go to incarcerate this loser for the rest of his life? Bring back the death penalty already for cases like this (without 20 years of appeals)! Karen Sabatini

Woodside: Ten dead people. No death penalty. This is a case for capital punishment. Richard Tobiassen

Las Vegas: In the aftermath of the tragic mass shooting in Buffalo, I am writing to suggest that the state and federal governments need to set up special hotlines to report possible white supremacist followers and others who people suspect may be planning an attack on the public, and then the agencies would be required to investigate and take action if needed. The problem is that now the public is not sure who to call and, in many cases, even if they do call a law enforcement agency, their calls do not get followed up on. John Penley

Bronx: For the second Sunday in a row (May 15), columnist Harry Siegel mentioned that there are 700 people in the city responsible for most shootings (”In New York’s crime debate, arrested development”). But there are thousands of people imprisoned at Rikers Island. How come all of these 700 are not among them? Also, how many people in Rikers should not be there? Richard Warren

Effort, Pa.: Chris Rock mocks Amber Heard. Hey, Chris! Maybe you should keep all women’s names out of your mouth! Kathleen Slattery

Massapequa, L.I.: The court jester blames all his incompetence on the “MAGA king” and diva queen Patti Lupone blasts obscenities at a ticket-paying audience member for not wearing a mask properly while she is maskless. Do people really admire these people? Heaven help us. Helena Mecca

Jackson Heights: As imported baby formula is deemed more of a threat than fentanyl by our Customs and Border Protection agency, perhaps the cartels will realize a new lucrative market in smuggling foreign equivalents of Similac and Enfamil across our border. Desperate moms would be very thankful. Glenn B. Jacobi

Point Pleasant, N.J.: Richard Johnson: Your Sunday story on May 15, “Mobster gets punchy at fancy eatery,” is a month old. Was it a slow news week so you had to go through old newspaper stories? If you’re gonna report something, make it current. Gene Speroni

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Park Ridge, N.J.: The Yankees and Aaron Judge failed to come to terms on a contract extension earlier in the year. As a consequence, he will be a free agent at the end of the season, available to the highest bidder. It is to his benefit to play as well as he can to increase his value on the market. Not surprisingly, he is having what some might call a career year. One can only wonder how well he’d be playing if he had the comfort of a signed contract. Steve Ostlund

Irvington, N.Y.: Re “Rome’s Spanish Steps damaged by Maserati driver, Saudi man charged” (May 13): I enjoyed reading your coverage of this slightly bizarre news story. But it states that the Spanish Embassy is located at the top of the Spanish Steps. The iconic structure at the top of the Spanish Steps is the church Trinità dei Monti. The Spanish Embassy is located toward the southwest corner of the Piazza di Spagna. Marie O’Connor

Manhattan: To Voicers Cecilia Rella and Veronica Kwiecinski: I strongly disagree with both of you. Andrew Cuomo’s behavior crossed the line from friendly to unwanted touching and kissing. He also asked invasive questions and made personal comments directed at the younger female employees in his office. There are different forms of workplace sexual harassment; while some involve physical contact, others are solely verbal. Cuomo would know this if he had attended any of the sexual harassment seminars given by his office instead of having someone sign the attendance sheets for him. My takeaway from reading the attorney general’s report is that, at a minimum, Cuomo created a toxic, hostile work environment for some of his female employees through his inappropriate and too-familiar comments and personal questions. He let the power of his office go to his head and thought he could get away with anything. Chana Schwartz

Queens Village: To Voicer Jennifer Berenbaum: Maybe one reason that pro-choice people — or abortionists, as you call them — care more about the lives of human babies is that we don’t invade your bedroom every time you’re having sex with someone. What you’re doing is butting into people’s sex lives, and that’s not for you to say. Joan Silaco

Ridgewood: Just say “no.” If people did this, then all the abortion laws would be immaterial. John Sendlein

Congers, N.Y.: To Voicer John Ray, who equates abortion rights with COVID-19 vaccines: Last time I checked, pregnancy was not a contagious disease that could kill not just the ill person but anyone who came into contact with the affected person. Beth Friscino

Manhattan: To Voicer Anthony Mignon: You’re a genius and spot-on. Unfortunately, you, I and others are in the minority in this way of thinking. More and more people and institutions think they can solve the world’s problems without God. It’s through faith that we know it’s the opposite, which is why crime, war, racism, etc. will increase further — due to the pride of man. Omar Branch

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