Was Judge-bot Day a satisfying conclusion?

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It’s hard to believe the season finale of Bob’s Burgers is here, but we won’t have to wait much longer for new Bob’s content, unlike in previous years.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie is releasing in theaters on May 27th. However, there is still one episode of Season 12 to talk about before then. As with the show’s previous trends, it was decided that the final two episodes would be part of a two-part arc.

Of course, if you haven’t watched the first part, there will be spoilers from that episode and the upcoming one. However, “Eighth Grade Runner” did  an excellent job setting up the scene and featuring a pretty unique plotline for Tina.

Ultimately, the second part, “Some Like It Bot Part 2: Judge-bot Day” will prove if all the groundwork set up in the first episode was worth it. But first, let’s talk about what happened in the episode.

Here’s what you missed on “Some Like It Bot Part 2: Judge-bot Day.”

The episode begins with Louise and Gene deciding to go home and find Tina’s diary so they can find out what’s wrong with her and get boba. Meanwhile, Linda decided to look for her Erotic Friend Fiction and they’re eventually joined by Bob. They scour her other Erotic Friend Fiction stories and find her Blade Runner story.

Louise figures out Tina’s plan to destroy the newsroom computer at school while Tina is at school trying to break into the newsroom and gets in before being caught by the security guard. She decides to hide in the boys’ locker room while the rest of the family tries to get there before she makes a mistake. Tina starts to doubt herself but the robot version of herself from her story convinces her to still do it.

Tina gets into the newsroom but overhears the family outside and they talk to her, trying to convince her to stop. Eventually, Tina sings a song about what happened and why she only needs to destroy the screen to make everyone feel less judged. The family joins in with Bob, Gene, and Linda trying to stop her while Louise wants her to do it.

Before Tina can destroy the screen, Tammy walks in and immediately figures out why Tina came in there in the first place. Tina eventually explains to Tammy why she’s doing it and Tammy doesn’t care, she wants to destroy it anyway.

Bob and Linda are finally able to explain to Tina that being herself is what matters and that Tina should be happy to be different and vulnerable. The episode ends with Tammy not telling on Tina, replacing the “Wow or Weird” segment. The Belcher siblings get boba, Linda finds the perfect birthday gift for Tina, and Tina writes an incredible ending to her story while Bob rejoins from some customer compliments.

Did the two-part Bob’s Burgers finale live up to the hype?

The first part of “Some Like It Bot” was honestly such a delight. The writers did an amazing job of mirroring the two plotlines in the episode so it was a steep challenge to see if the second part of the episode would live up to that. While it’s not an easy standard to meet, it felt like “Judge-bot Day” was the perfect ending to this two-part story.

Most notably, the episode did a great job of picking up where the previous one left off and ultimately tying everything together. While the highlight of the episode was easily the small musical moment, it was nice to see all of the storylines tie together. The kids finally got boba while Linda found a birthday present for Tina, and Bob was able to get over the graffiti.

As far as Bob’s Burgers season finales go, this was one of the best in recent memory. While part two did fall flat in some areas and the pacing felt odd, it was nice to see the Belcher family all come together and Tina really grew as a character. While I could have done without Tammy, the episode was on the same tier as its predecessor.

Even though part two wasn’t better than the first part, it was still a solid Bob’s Burgers episode and that’s something to be excited about. While it’s sad to see the finale air, we still have the Bob’s Burgers Movie to look forward to soon. Nevertheless, season 12 was another solid installment in the series as a whole and is one I know I’ll be revisiting.

What did you think of “Some Like It Bot Part 2: Judge-bot Day?” Do you think it was a solid season finale? Be sure to give us your thoughts in the comments.

Bob’s Burgers season 12: Was Judge-bot Day a satisfying conclusion?

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