Playground Launches Clean Sexual Wellness Brand Intentionally Formulated for Women

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Most personal lubricants contain fillers made from petroleum. Playground’s are free of irritants and crafted with clean, thoughtful ingredients that are safe and nourishing for the most delicate parts. Each pleasure-enhancing lubricant features an exclusive blend of three adaptogens, Ashwagandha, Black Cohosh and Horny Goat Weed. These super herbs help increase blood flow, amplify your libido and boost chemistry in the bedroom. Formulated with soothing vitamin E, hydrating hyaluronic acid and bamboo extract, the lubricants offer a silky finish that mimics natural lubrication.

The ultimate libido lineup ranges from $6-24 and includes:

  • Date Night: $24
    • A mood-lifting essence of champagne and vanilla to satisfy your flirtatious side.
  • Mini Escape: $24
    • A soak-up-the fun essence of coconut and sandalwood.
  • After Hours: $24
    • A sensual essence of warm woods that will tantalize you and your favorite bedroom playmate.
  • Love Sesh: $24
    • Free of scent, but full of fun, Love Sesh helps you seize the day, however you play.
  • Four Play Discovery Kit: $6
    • Features four travel-sized, single-use sachets – one of each of the water-based lubricants in the collection.

“Women’s sexual experiences have been misunderstood and underserved for far too long. Most women at some point in their daily lives experience dryness or struggle to reach an orgasm – yet most personal lubricants on the market fail to help them,” says Catherine Magee, CEO of Playground. “Playground’s mission is to make every woman feel empowered and inspired to improve their sexual experiences with amazing products they’re excited to use as much as their favorite beauty product.”

A woman’s intimate area is the most delicate and absorbent area of the body. Each of the pleasure-enhancing lubricants is free of parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, mineral oil, propylene glycol, GMOs, gluten, sulfates, dyes and hormones. Playground aims to provide the best products and experiences while still making deliberate and thoughtful packaging decisions that reduce the brand’s environmental impact. Nothing kills the mood faster than excess ocean and landfill waste. Beyond the bedroom, Playground is committed to reducing its environmental impact through recyclable packaging created by recycled materials.

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About Playground
Launched in 2022, Playground is a sexual wellness brand creating good-for-you pleasure essentials intentionally designed for women. Men and women have fundamentally different sexual experiences and challenges in the bedroom. Starting with a line of libido-enhancing lubricants that are clean, soothing, silky and long-lasting, Playground products help women experience more bliss in the bedroom for a deeper connection with themselves and their partners. Playground champions all women to think of sex as an essential part of their overall wellness. For more information, visit

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