Will There Be A Sex Life Season 2

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Sex/Life, created by Stacy Rukeyser, is an American drama streaming on Netflix. The inspiration for this show came from a novel titled “44 Chapters About 4 Men” by BB Easton. Sex/Life season one aired on June 25, 2021, consisting of eight episodes that set the whole entertainment world on fire. The series was already renewed for a second season in September 2021, which will be expected to be available for fans and all Netflix lovers by the end of 2022 or by early 2023.

Sex/Life Season 2

Sex/Life Season two is already in its production and will be released by the end of 2022 or by early 2023. 

All About Sex/Life

Sex/Life was all about Billie Connelly, a suburban mother of two taking a leap from the present day to day life unto something more and wild and fantasizes when Sarah encounters her forgotten past through her ex-boyfriend Brad Simon.

Billie is a carefree and fun-loving girl from Georgia to New York City to study. She ended up being in an intense and hot romantic relationship with Brad, a handsome, tall guy with incredible looks. They had something more than just a physical relationship.

They were soulmates who were connected mentally and deeply in love. But Brad had a broken life history where he lived without a father, which severely affected his life. Brad dumped Billie is the most horrible way he could but came back to her.

Billie was always troubled by these acts and married a straight-laced and husband material guy Cooper Connelly. They had two kids, and their marriage life was pitch-perfect until she dreamed about the passionate moments she had with her ex Brad. When Brad comes back to get Billie, everything turns upside down, even though she is a married woman now.

The show has intense moments that portray a woman’s real life and what she goes through. Still, the show depicts a married woman’s fantasies and infidelity towards her marriage.

But still, it is awesome to have someone you love deeply, a soulmate who can feel you more than anyone, who cares about you more than anything and who will do anything to make you theirs; the feeling itself is overwhelming and overflowing with intense emotions. Billie and Brad will be back on Netflix Originals wither a new season with wonderful and exciting episodes. Stay tuned!

Where To Watch

Sex/Life is a Netflix Original Series available on Netflix for a subscription.

The Cast

Adam Demos as Brad Simon, Sarah Shahi as Billie Connelly, Mike Vogel as Cooper Connelly, Margaret Odette as Sasha Snow, Li Jun Li as Francesca, Jonathan Sadowski as Devon, Lauren Collins as Ms Brenda, Wallis Day as Gigi, Hannah Galway as Emily, Meghan Heffern as Caroline, Krista Morin as Karen, Dylan Bruce as Spencer, Paris Jefferson as Elise, Cleo Anthony as Kam, Joyce Rivera as Olga, Amber Goldfarb as Trina, Hrant Alianak as Mr Mann, Jennifer Dale as Mme Mann.


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