Do ‘love’ and ‘lust’ sometimes overlap?

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One definition of “love” provided by Merriam-Webster is “attraction based on sexual desire,” and “lust” as “usually intense or unbridled sexual desire.”

Overlapping areas in love and lust may include: longing to be closer to each other, physical attraction, sexual desire, urge for procreation, etc.

Many point out: Lust is immoral, love is moral. In lust, the sexual desire governs, while love is godly.

Some insist that love and lust do not overlap as lust is entirely sexual attraction; while love also includes acceptance, commitment, equality, patience, trust, etc. Many regard lust as sinful and add that it blurs everything else. They describe lust simply as illicit, overmastering, overwhelming and uncontrolled sexual desire; lasciviousness, sensual appetite, strong urge for sexual gratification, etc.

Some suggest developing a proportionate combination of lust and love.

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