Health worker conducted patient checks for sexual gratification

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Marc Manning, 36, of Blackpool, committed the offences in 2018. (Cumbria Police)

A health worker who conducted unnecessary checks on nine patients for sexual gratification has been jailed for more than four years.

Marc Manning, 36, of Blackpool, used his role as an occupational health technician to conduct health checks which were out of the remit of what he was required to do, the court heard.

He admitted nine counts of sexual assault on a male, voyeurism and observing a person doing a private act.

Manning was sentenced to four years and six months in prison at Carlisle Crown Court on Tuesday.

He committed the offences in 2018 and they were reported to police in February last year.

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Sophie Hindmarch was sentenced at Carlisle Crown Court, (Google Maps)

Manning was sentenced to four years and six months at Carlisle Crown Court. (Google Maps)

Manning was arrested in Lancashire on 28 February, 2021 and interviewed.

Devices, including phones and laptops, were seized from his property to be examined.

Officers found a substantial number of videos of males unaware they were being filmed.

Detective constable Charlotte Jones from North Cumbria’s Crime and Safeguarding Team said: “Manning completely abused his position of trust subjecting his victims to sexual assaults for his own fulfilment.

“I would like to thank the victims in this case for coming forward and for their courage in reporting such a crime.

“We will not stop in our drive to bring offenders to justice and hopefully this outcome will help to encourage victims of sexual offences to have the confidence to come forward and report it.”

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Legal and law concept statue of Lady Justice with scales of justice and sky background

A report concluded that survivors of rape are “being failed by our criminal justice system”. (Getty)

Police forces in England and Wales recorded the highest number of rapes and sexual offences in a 12-month period in the year to September.

Meanwhile, the proportion of suspects being taken to court has fallen to a new record low and remains the lowest for rape cases.

A report by MPs last month concluded that survivors of rape are “being failed by our criminal justice system”.

The Commons Home Affairs Committee warned the “unacceptably low” numbers of suspects being taken to court for rape and sexual offences would continue “without stronger reforms” to the criminal justice system and they “will require significant funding to make an impact”.

In response to the report, a government spokesman said: “While the committee acknowledges the progress we have made, we are clear that much more needs to be done.

“That’s why we’re recruiting more sexual violence advisers, rolling out pre-recorded evidence faster, improving collaboration between the police and Crown Prosecution Service and boosting funding for victim support services to a minimum £440 million over the next three years.”

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