What did Isaiah Rashad say about his sexuality during the Joe Budden interview?

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27 May 2022, 13:55

What did Isaiah Rashad say about his sex tape leak? What did he say about his sexuality? Here’s everything that went down during his interview with Joe Budden…

Isaiah Rashad opened up about his sexuality in a highly-anticipated interview with Joe Budden. The 31-year-old rapper addressed his sex tape leak for the first time.

Earlier this year, Rashad’s sex tape went viral after it showed the rapper in bed with another man.

The clip took social media by storm as Rashad had not publicly opened up about his sexuality.

Isaiah Joel McClain, known professionally as Isaiah Rashad, is an American rapper from Tennessee.
Isaiah Joel McClain, known professionally as Isaiah Rashad, is an American rapper from Tennessee.


During The Joe Budden Podcast host that he identifies as “sexually fluid” and that he isn’t interested in pressing charges against the person who leaked the video.

Here’s what Isaiah Rashad said during his interview with Joe Budden.

  1. What did Isiah Rashad say about the leaked sex tape?

    Talking about how things have been since his sex tape was leaked in February, Rashad said: “It’s been a time for my family to come together,” he told Joe.

    “Out of everything, it’s been a blessing.”

    He continued: “With that happening, and my granddad dying a couple of days afterward and my grandma going through what she’s been through, it’s been a concentration of family together more than it had been before so if anything, I can’t be mad at everything about it.

    “I always gotta look at the brighter side.” Rashad added.

    He also revealed that he hasn’t considered taking legal action against the person who leaked the tape because he’s been trying to “keep his mind together.”

  2. What did Isaiah Rashad say about his sexuality?

    “I’d say I’m sexually fluid,” Rashad said before Budden asked him to explain.

    “I’m still learning about it myself. I’m putting my head in the books to find out the basics of it but basically, I’m not in full control of when I walk into a room who I’m attracted to.”

    He continued onto explain: “I’m more attracted to a personality. I’m more attracted, sometimes, to intellect. Sometimes, it be just attracted to somebody.”

    Speaking of his current romantic relationship, he revealed that he is monogamous and that his partner is loving and supportive.

    “I’m not just going out and doing whatever”.

    Rashad added: “I have an understanding of myself that, you know, to not expect anything out of myself as far as an attraction. If I end up getting close to somebody, I might end up attracted to them.”

  3. What does sexually fluid mean?

    Sexual fluidity, in short, means ones sexual orientation isn’t permanently fixed.

    Sexual fluidity has to do with multiple aspects of sexuality:‌

    • Sexual orientation. The pattern of your sexual attraction and preference
    • Sexual identity. The way you define yourself with respect to your orientation.
    • Sexual behavior. The sexual activity that you take part in.

    When any of these aspects change over time, one might consider themselves sexually fluid.

    Find out more about sexual fluidity here

Watch full interview at Joe Budden’s Patreon page here.


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