‘I Don’t Feel Like I Need to Label Myself’

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So far, Netflix’s Heartstopper series has become a beacon of hope and love with its LGBTQ story. Almost all of the main characters have their own journey of self-discovery when it comes to their sexuality. But fans on social media have taken it upon themselves to assume the sexuality of Heartstopper’s main cast, especially in regards to Kit Connor. Connor plays the leading role of Nick Nelson and has voiced his opinion on the subject matter.

Joe Locke and Kit Connor for ‘Heartstopper’ | via Attitude Magazine

Kit Connor plays the handsome rugby player who starts to fall in love in ‘Heartstopper’

Tagged as the “anti-Euphoria,” Heartstopper tells a more relatable story of young love, friendship, and coming to terms with one’s sexuality. Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) has been openly gay at school for some time but has experienced bullying. While Charlie is confident in who he is, his secret boyfriend Ben Hope (Sebastian Croft) wants to keep them a secret.


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