Ignorance: A major hindrance to great sex life

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I have been having a lot of feedback from the readers on this Intimacy column. I have sold copies of my book on great sex. I have also been having one on one discussion with quite a good number of people. From the various experiences being gathered, I have come to realize that information is a great key to enjoying a great sex life by couples. The more one is informed, the better the sexual performance. As a matter of fact, that I am involved in sex information came out of my own personal experience with gathering information to improve my sexual satisfaction in my marriage.

The focus of this write up is about reinforcing the need for married couples to be deliberate on sex information for maximum satisfaction. You need to get the right education if you will enjoy a great sex life. No short cut about it. If you don’t get informed, you will be sexually deformed. To be deformed sexually means to seek for sexual satisfaction outside the marriage. That is why cases of infidelity resulting in children from outside the marriage, have been on the increase lately. It’s a sad development that we have to grapple with in the marriage setting these days. How can one raise children whose biological fathers are concubines to their mothers.? Or husbands having children outside the marriage? All these in most cases are resultant effects of poor marital sex, which can be better handled with adequate sex knowledge. My husband and I are doing well sexually in the marriage today because we intentionally sought knowledge about sex.

My husband has been having master class for husbands who want to enjoy great sex in marriage, and the results are mind blowing. Like someone from overseas wrote to him last week, he confessed that he is lasting longer in bed now after his master class sessions with him. Others have also confessed that the information they gather about sex has brought great improvement to their sex life. I am therefore strongly recommending that married couples must engage in personal sex development. It will give them icing on the cake in the marriage.


Avenues for sex information

Books on sex

It’s indeed no longer a hidden fact that reading improves the quality of life in all areas, sex inclusive. So let couples improve on the reading habit on sex matters. There is no need to shy away from reading about sex. You can hardly see people holding books on sex publicly, or seeing them standing at book stands to buy books on sex. This is discreetly done by a few ones who dare to take the bull by the horn. I have read a lot on sex to get to where I am today in the matter of sex. I am still reading and I won’t stop because it’s highly rewarding.

Attend couples seminars, conferences and gatherings. You will get to hear something new about sex during such outings. Pay if you must, and never take such opportunities for granted.


Enroll for master class on sex matters.

My husband’s experience lately on this is an eye opener to the benefits of this avenue. You are able to ask down to earth questions, which attract adequate answers. It can be a one on one thing, or a group of friends. You are able to share your personal experiences and compare notes with others in the group. The beauty of this is that you will discover that you are not alone in the situation you are worried about. No more suffering in silence, there is a solution to every issue of life. You only need to go to the right places to access the solutions.


Social media platforms on sex matters.

Some social media platforms are available for down to earth discussion on sex matters. Married couples should avail themselves of the opportunity. It’s highly rewarding due to the varieties of information available through them.


Personal counselling on sex

There is nothing wrong if one goes to an experienced counsellor on sex matters. As long as it’s for your marital success, it’s not bad at all. In advanced Nations of the world, there are those who are trained or professional sex therapists for such purposes. It has also been discovered how invaluable their services are to mental health and happiness of married couples. We must improve on this in our society as well.

If you have a desire to overcome any sexual challenge, please don’t joke with these avenues to be informed. You will be surprised as to how easily accessible such solutions are from the avenues.



Ignorance: A major hindrance to great sex life

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