Know how smoking can impact your sex life

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Bangalore, First Published May 30, 2022, 5:39 PM IST

Smoking has several negative consequences on people’s lives. People frequently hear the term “smoking causes health problems.” However, when it comes to quitting smoking, individuals find it challenging to do so. 

Every year on May 31, people commemorate World No Tobacco Day to raise awareness about the harmful consequences of smoking. Tobacco consumption, of course, causes a slew of health problems, and lakhs of people have already died as a result of their addiction to the substance.

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Smoking has several negative health consequences throughout a person’s life. It can lead to various life-threatening illnesses, including chronic cough, chronic laryngitis, cancer, and others. Aside from that, the smoke has been scientifically demonstrated to negatively influence sexual desire. 

No Tobacco Day: Know how smoking can impact your sex life RBA

In India, sex is a taboo subject fraught with shame and stigma. As a result, persons coping with sexual concerns frequently avoid discussing the subject. Many individuals are unaware that smoking may affect your ability in the bedroom as well.

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Many men and women in today’s generation are chronic smokers, which has a negative impact on their sexual lives. According to study, vasoconstriction is caused by compounds found in cigarettes, such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, or specific free radicals. Vasoconstriction has an effect on both males and women’s libido.

Smoking’s effect on men’s sexual health
Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most serious side effects of smoking on a man’s sexual life. Cigarettes impair blood circulation throughout the body, and ED is caused by insufficient blood flow in the male genitals. Furthermore, the smoke released by cigarettes has an influence on libido and desire, since it tends to reduce testosterone secretion.

No Tobacco Day: Know how smoking can impact your sex life RBA

Smoking’s effect on women’s sexual health
Smoking significantly influences women because poor blood circulation reduces vaginal lubrication, resulting in vaginal dryness and decreasing arousal. It’s also essential for women to remember that using birth control tablets while smoking might alter blood circulation.

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Smoking has several negative effects on men’s and women’s fertility. Smoking not only affects sexual arousal, but it also has an effect on fertility in both men and women. When compared to non-smokers, smokers are more likely to have infertility. It has been proved that males who smoke have a lower sperm count, but women who smoke have a faster rate of egg loss and infertility. Because smoking hurts the lungs, smokers are more likely to develop out of breath. As a result, your bedtime stamina suffers.

What is the solution?
People are often encouraged to give up smoking. Though it is a time-consuming and difficult process, it offers significant long-term advantages.

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