Stripper ‘accidentally’ gets naked at brother’s bachelor party

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She’s revealing the naked truth.

A stripper has gone viral on social media after claiming she danced naked in front of her own brother at his bachelor party.

The wild story was relayed by the exotic entertainer — known only as Kendra — in a TikTok posted May 15 that has since clocked upwards of 10 million views.

“I ended up being the stripper at my brother’s bachelor party and I didn’t realize until I was completely nak3d,” the dancer, whose handle is @kendradollx, wrote in text overlaying the video.

Kendra did not explain where or when the purported party occurred, but the brunette beauty has previously revealed that she works at a strip club “in the south.”

Kendra did not explain where or when the the purported party occurred, leading some cynics to speculate that she made the wild story up.

The TikTok in question has since sparked fierce debate, attracting hundreds of commenters apparently skeptical of the entertainer’s tawdry tale.

“I would’ve noticed all my brother’s friends and most definitely my brother,” wrote one woman below the contentious clip.

“Things that never happened: this,” as another detractor bluntly put it.

Kendra boasts thousands of followers on TikTok and Instagram, and has a popular OnlyFans account.
Kendra boasts thousands of followers on TikTok and Instagram in addition to running her popular OnlyFans account.

Others leapt to Kendra’s defense, sympathizing that they could only imagine how embarrassing the incident must have been.

“Do y’all realize how dark it is in those places?” one user snapped back at the social media cynics.

The Post has contacted Kendra to request further details about her erotic dancing disaster.

Yet another faction of commenters claimed karma was to blame for the groom-to-be having his sister show up as the stripper at his bachelor party, arguing that he shouldn’t have been ogling other women before his wedding.

“Strippers at bachelor parties is so weird to me. No shame to strippers at all, but I would never be okay with my boyfriend looking at a girl like that,” one asserted.

Kendra is the latest figure to go viral on TikTok by recounting a wild story that took place inside a strip club.

In March, California real estate agent Missy Peterson shocked her boyfriend of two years by secretly placing a tracker on his car, following him to a strip club and hopping onto its stage, where she then executed a devastatingly sexy stunt. 

Some said it was karma that Kendra's brother ended up with her as the stripper as he should not have been enjoying any erotic entertainment while engaged to a woman.
Some said it was karma that Kendra’s brother ended up with her as the stripper at his bachelor party, arguing that it was wrong of him to seek out erotic entertainment while betrothed.

A TikTok testimonial detailing her saucy showcase has garnered more than 5 million views. 

“I got onstage in a bra and thong that one of the strippers gave me, walked up to him and said, ‘Oh, you want a show? I’ll give you a show,’ ” Peterson, 40, told The Post of her X-rated exploit — which ultimately earned her $100 in tips.

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