HSU trustees adopt faith statement on sexuality and marriage

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Hardin-Simmons University’s board of trustees adopted a statement of faith rejecting transgenderism and same-sex marriage.

“As the nation’s cultural context changes in ways that with increasing frequency conflict with historic Christian teaching, we believe it is important that we expressly proclaim our beliefs earnestly and transparently as a university committed to providing excellence in education enlightened by Christian faith and values, as has been our purpose from inception of the university,” a statement on the university’s website says.

The HSU statement of faith—adopted May 19—affirms historic orthodox Christian doctrines about the Triune God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, humanity, salvation and the church.

References to ‘genetic male’ and ‘genetic female’

It also includes a statement on sexuality saying, “We affirm that God created the human race with two genetic sexes as defined by karyotype, male and female.” Karyotype refers to the size, shape and number of an individual’s chromosomes.

The university statement on marriage reads: “We believe that marriage has been established by God to be a life-long, covenant relationship between one genetic male and one genetic female. We also believe that sexual activity is intended by God to be expressed solely in the context of a loving marriage between one genetic male and one genetic female.”

The statement of faith also says, “We believe that every person has been fearfully and wonderfully made by God and should be afforded love, kindness, compassion and dignity.”

“As a Christian university, we have certain biblically based values that are the foundation of what we believe. We are called to share that with the world, while also showing God’s love,” HSU President Eric Bruntmyer said.

The HSU website includes an explanation saying trustees believe the statement of faith “clearly states the Christian beliefs that undergird and inform the university’s vision and mission and highlights the principles that define what we envision in providing ‘excellence in education enlightened by Christian faith and values.’”

Five days before BGCT Executive Board action

The university trustees adopted the statement five days before the Baptist General Convention of Texas Executive Board recommended messengers to Texas Baptists’ annual meeting adopt a statement of faith that—among other things—declares gender “a gift from God” and defines biblical marriage as “one man and one woman in a covenant relationship with the Lord and one another.”

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The statement of faith for the GC2 movement—an emphasis on the Great Commission to share faith in Christ and the Great Commandment to show love—was presented to the BGCT Executive Board as setting parameters for collaboration with the BGCT.

However, the background section of the document presented to the board added the statement of faith “may also be used to vet the beliefs of candidates for BGCT elected/appointed committees, boards or scholarships.”

HSU trustees adopt faith statement on sexuality and marriage

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