How to Come Out of Your Sexual Shell

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A lack of confidence, fear, or confusion can prevent you from enjoying a fantastic sex life. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating, divorced, married, or in a long-term or new relationship; various tactics can help you become more sexually uninhibited.

Sex can feel intimidating and scary at times, but it can also be exciting, fun, and personally rewarding. Find out how to come out of your sexual shell.

Understand Your Sexual Desires

Understanding your sexual desires is the first step to coming out of your sexual shell. The best way to pinpoint what and who you like is through exploration and education, whether it is via sexual experiences, watching pornography, talking to others, or reading articles online.

There is more to sexuality than heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality, as there are many sexual orientations. For example, you might not be solely attracted to men, but you might be attracted to masculinity in general. If you suspect this could be the case, learn more about the androsexual meaning and if it applies to you.

Understanding your sexual orientation can help you embrace relationships and sexual experiences that match your desires, which can lead to a more fulfilling romantic life. For instance, you might be pansexual, aromantic, gynesexual, or demisexual, to name a few orientations.

Recognize How Culture Shapes Confidence

The media, others’ behavior, and your experiences will shape your viewpoints and self-confidence. Many people believe they need to look a certain way to be perceived as sexy or attractive. The information consumed can result in people internalizing fatphobia, ageism, ableism, or colorism.

However, it is important to realize that everyone is worthy of pleasure, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If a romantic partner tells you you’re beautiful, believe them. Holding onto insecurities or cultural misconceptions will eat away at your self-esteem, and it can ruin sexual experiences and even damage relationships.

Stare at Your Reflection

The mirror might feel like your worst enemy at times, but it can become your best friend when used right. The more you look at your body, both naked and clothed, the more you will learn to love your shape, flaws, and assets. 

It may even help to comment on the areas of your body you do like or are learning to love, such as your shapely hips, long legs, or smooth skin. The more you love your body, the more vulnerable and freer you’ll feel in the bedroom, which will help you exude sexual confidence.

Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Sexy

Most people don’t feel sexy in casual pajamas, cozy sweatpants, or novelty underwear. If you want to feel sexually free and confident, wear clothing that makes you feel attractive. For example, women can wear well-designed underwear in a stylish color and a beautiful fabric. Options include lace panties, a pretty nightgown, or stockings. Men can also wear underwear that makes them feel more attractive to a partner, such as stylish boxer briefs that accentuate their thighs.

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