New Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies and TV Shows Coming in June 2022

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After a drier May, June promises to deliver on the science-fiction and fantasy action that viewers want from the summer blockbuster season. Not only will fans be treated to the latest Pixar animation in Lightyear and the final Jurassic World installment, but big names will find their way into streaming releases like Spiderhead as well.

June also has its share of quirkier, psychedelic sci-fi as the festival darlings find mainstream releases. Neptune Frost and After Blue center underrepresented populations in the genre world and deliver unexpected yet visually stunning takes on Earth’s future straight from the festival circuit. The magnum opus of animator and effects artist Phil Tippett will also finally see the light of day this month, along with a retelling of the beloved fantasy story Peter Pan. This month runs the gamut from dystopia to escapist, from action-heavy to cerebral. Here are all of the science-fiction and fantasy movies fans should watch out for in June.

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Neptune Frost Shows the Future’s Sights & Sounds

The Afrofuturist musical Neptune Frost promises to deliver a sci-fi delight, even if it’s hard to describe. Set in a hacker collective in a Rwandan village made from computer parts, the movie focuses on a love story between an intersex runaway and the collective’s leader. The narrative of Neptune Frost resists a linear layout, presenting viewers instead with a genre-crossing take on what cinema could be like if movies were allowed to be truly creative. Filled with music and intense sights, Neptune Frost has been delighting fans at festivals and is sure to be a new joy for movie-goers as well.

Directed by Saul Williams and Anisia Uzeyman and starring Elvis Ngabo, Cheryl Isheja and Kaya Free, Neptune Frost is coming to theaters with a limited release on June 3.

After Blue Delivers a Psychedelic Alien World

In another trippy futuristic sci-fi journey, After Blue (Dirty Paradise) delivers a different sort of uprising. After humanity leaves Earth, they settle on the strange planet of After Blue, where only women seem to survive. In this new all-women society, the lonely Roxy releases a criminal from her sandy prison. Roxy is granted three wishes from the prisoner, but in turn, she and her mother are exiled and forced to hunt down and re-capture the convict. After Blue quickly becomes an erotic and psychedelic festival that mirrors a traditional hero’s journey, only with Gucci rifles and slime-covered bad guys.

After Blue is directed and written by Bertrand Mandico and stars Elina Löwensohn, Paula Luna and Vimala Pons. The movie is coming to theaters on June 3.

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Catch the King of Animation at Work in Mad God

Famous dinosaur-wrangler Phil Tippett’s stop-motion animation masterpiece Mad God is finally set to premiere this month. After decades of work, Tippet has captured his wild tale in handcrafted creatures brought to life with traditional animation techniques. Following The Assassin on his journey through a wretched world, Tippett takes viewers deep into the land of horrors, both real and within the mind. Mad God is an absolute must for fans of stop-motion techniques but also for anyone who’s loved Tippett’s work on Jurassic Park or Star Wars. The movie is certain to be a mind-bending experience for genre fans.

Written and directed by Phil Tippett, Mad God stars Alex Cox, Niketa Roman and Satish Ratakonda and is coming to Shudder on June 16.

The Lost Girls Finds the Women in Peter Pan’s Story

The Lost Girls brings a gentler style of genre film to the month of June, following the generations of women affected by the famous Peter Pan. Known for refusing to age and trying to keep Wendy Darling from growing up as well, Peter has a lasting impact on not just Wendy but also her daughter. By examining multiple generations, The Lost Girls looks at the consequences of the famous children’s story, centering the women and reframing the costs of both growing up and love itself.

Directed by Livia De Paolis, The Lost Girls will be available in theaters and on demand on June 17.

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Learn the Beloved Toy’s Backstory in Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear gets his own solo film in Pixar’s Lightyear, taking on the toy’s cosmic adventures before becoming a toy in Toy Story. The fearless astronaut Lightyear takes on a mission that seems to propel him into the future. With his robot cat companion beside him, he must join forces with the granddaughter of his former colleague and a handful of quirky friends to take down an alien threat that seems to have jeopardized the planet. With an all-star cast, including Chris Evans, Keke Palmer, and Taika Waititi, Lightyear is an expansion of a beloved franchise that promises to bring the Pixar style to infinity and beyond.

Directed by Angus MacLane, Lightyear arrives in theaters on June 17.

Humans and Dinosaurs Vie for Power in Jurassic World Dominion

The latest in the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World Dominion, welcomes back much of the series’ original cast for a no-holds-barred look at how dinosaurs would coexist with humans. What started as a scientific curiosity, cloning extinct creatures from DNA preserved in amber, has led to a catastrophe of epic proportions as dinosaurs infest every part of the planet, from buildings to oceans to the skies. As humans and dinos attempt to eke out a tenuous equilibrium, it soon becomes clear that only one species can have dominion over the planet. While Jurassic World Dominion is likely more action than sci-fi, the deep genre roots of this story are sure to pack the theaters with fans.

Directed by Colin Trevorrow, Jurassic World Dominion hits theaters on June 10.

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Spiderhead Showcases An All-Too Real Dystopia

Spiderhead, the latest big-name Netflix release, follows a penitentiary that, as part of the approved punishment, administers experimental drugs to its patients. This near-future dystopia shows the detrimental psychological effects of these mood-altering drugs, but the story itself focuses on two inmates who rely on each other to get through their treatments. Spiderhead is sure to be a favorite of anyone looking for big-name genre releases this summer, especially if they want more story to go along with the action set pieces.

Directed by Joseph Kosinski, Spiderhead stars Chris Hemsworth, Miles Teller and Jurnee Smollett and is coming to Netflix on June 17.

Blasted Defeats Aliens With Laser Tag

Norwegian alien comedy Blasted takes its premise from real stories of UFO sightings. When two friends, who used to excel at laser tag as children, are reunited for a bachelor party, things get off to a rocky start. When the party tumbles head-first into an alien encounter, the friends must return to their laser tag roots to fight back. Leaning hard into the comedy aspect, Blasted brings some light-hearted sci-fi to the mix this month.

Blasted is directed by Martin Sofiedal and stars Axel Bøyum, Fredrik Skogsrud and Ingrid Bolsø Berdal. Blasted will be available to stream on Netflix on June 28.

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