Man in sexual relationship with his car says he never felt true love before

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Things get physical sometimes between Nathaniel and his car, a 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo | Picture courtesy: TLC

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Going on a car ride is a widely shared interest among people. However, the phrase probably means something more to Nathaniel, who derives pleasure from the ‘ride’ the way most don’t because he takes the beast all the way to Bonetown.
An episode on Objectophilia of the TLC documentary series My Strange Addiction that originally aired in February 2012, has resurfaced and takes you through the life of a man named Nathaniel, from Arkansas, who is in a relationship with his car.
The opening episode of the show, named Dating My Car, reveals how the man and his beloved Chase, a 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo, communicate telepathically, have a favourite song and even have sex.

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A revv-eting tale

Nathaniel explained that it was love at first sight when he first saw Chase at a car dealership back in 2005. In no time, the pair got into a romantic relationship and things got physical sometimes.

“I’m in a serious relationship with my car. It was love at first sight,” he says. “His body and his interior and everything just together seemed to fit. I felt an instant connection.”

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It was love at first sight Man says hes in serious relationship with his car

‘It was love at first sight’: Man says he’s in ‘serious relationship’ with his car

He can’t completely comprehend why he has the feelings for Chase but that doesn’t come in the way of them having a good time.

Nathaniel also expands on how he makes love to him.

“..We have our times where things get sexual. What we do most often is, I like to lean over his fender and across his hood and do little things like that and kind of press up against him and rub against him like that.”

“One of his more bold positions is for me to be underneath him. He really likes that. It’s really special to make love to Chase.”

In the documentary, he can also be seen sliding under Chase and kissing his bumper.

Virgin territory

Nathaniel has been into cars ever since he was a teenager but didn’t make much of it as he has also dated seven girlfriends in his years growing up.

But, he never experienced true love until he met Chase.

Objectophilia is a term that describes a strong emotional or sexual relationship that people have with an inanimate object such as the Eiffel Tower, a Boeing 747, or case in point, a car.

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