Safe Havynn teaches life skills, sexual health to instill purpose

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Inside an unassuming green storefront on Jefferson Street in Lafayette several teenagers sit in plush blue armchairs on a Friday in June, discussing everything from personality types to sexual health.

The goal behind these conversations is to equip young people in Louisiana with medically accurate and researched information, so they can make healthy choices and build brighter futures. This is the mission of Safe Havynn Education Center, a grant-funded nonprofit that focuses on teaching life skills and sexual risk avoidance.

The students in armchairs Friday are taking part in the Kickback, the organization’s two-day conference-style workshops that incorporates lessons on self-esteem, communication, setting goals and boundaries, financial literacy and more. 

“These are skills that are just essential for your well-being,” said Arial Moore, Safe Havynn founder and executive director. “People assume you’ll gain these skills in high school or college, but you don’t.”

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