Lukas Gage claps back at people making assumptions about his sexuality

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13 June 2022, 15:20

A troll criticised Lukas Gage for playing multiple LGBTQ+ characters after assuming that he was straight.

Lukas Gage has clapped back at a person who assumed he was straight and criticised him for playing LGBTQ+ characters.

Lukas Gage is quickly establishing himself as one of the most in demand actors on TV right now. From his role as Tyler in the first season of Euphoria to his recent ass-baring performance as Dillon in The White Lotus, fans can’t get enough of the star. Not to mention, Lukas has just landed a part as a series regular on You. He will appear as Adam in season 4 this year.

Lukas has also played several, notable gay and queer roles in series such as Love, Victor and Queer as Folk. Now, Lukas has called out trolls who’ve made assumptions about his sexuality and accused him of taking on roles that should go to LGBTQ+ actors.

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Lukas Gage claps back at people making assumptions about his sexuality
Lukas Gage claps back at people making assumptions about his sexuality.

Rich Fury/Getty Images, HBO

Last week (Jun 9), someone took to Twitter to write: “If Hollywood can stop hiring non LGBTQIA+ actors like @lukasgage to play LGBTQIA+ characters, that would be great. He has played 4 so far. 1 was enough.” The person tagged Lukas in the tweet and it wasn’t long before Lukas noticed it himself. He then replied: “U don’t know my alphabet.”

In response, the person tweeted: “Then please, enlighten the whole world,” and Lukas simply replied: “No,” with a red heart emoji.

Fans were also quick to defend Lukas. One person tweeted: “Trying to force people out of the closet during pride month is not the move that you think it is.” Another added: “Actors do not owe that piece of personal information to anyone.”

While it is true that historically LGBTQ+ actors have often lost out on queer roles to straight actors, Lukas has never publicly labelled his sexuality. And, as his fans have said, he doesn’t owe that information to anyone.

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