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Turns Out A Carefully Curated Exercise Routine Could Increase Your Sexual Pleasure

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We suspect you could reel off the mind-body benefits of exercise with the practised
polish of a politician. You’ll know strength training can grow your confidence as much
as your muscle mass; that the mind-emptying powers of a lap of the park are matched only by a book in the bath; and if there’s a feeling that tops folding into child’s pose, then you’ve yet to find it. But there’s another batch of benefits that get less attention.

Multiple studies have linked exercise with improving your sex life, and not just your ability to do the butter churner (go on, Google it…).

‘“When you engage in exercise regularly, your body will undergo physiological adaptations to meet those demands,” says clinical trainer and biokineticist Natacha Quintal. These adaptations, she explains, can enhance your experience of sex.

“The long-term effects of exercise include a reduced resting heart rate, slower breathing due to increased lung capacity, lower blood pressure, increased blood flow and greater muscular endurance and strength. This could translate to holding a sex position for longer, or not gasping for air because your cardiorespiratory fitness is inadequate.” 

And yet, the endurance and, yes, bendy benefits are the least of it – with some of the most interesting research in this area pointing to exercise’s ability to enhance your sexual pleasure. This begins with desire, says Dr Rachel Gelman, a physiotherapist specialising in pelvic health and sexual wellness. “We know that exercise is good for overall mood, stress management and mental health. Stress is a major mood killer when it comes to sexual function, so being in a ‘better’ headspace sets someone up for sexual success.”

It’s a theory supported by research. A 2014 study in the journal Depression and Anxiety concluded that exercising before sex improved both sexual desire and function – how the body reacts in different stages of the sexual response cycle
– in women taking antidepressants. Another study, published in
The Journal of Sexual Medicine, found a 20-minute workout significantly improved both subjective arousal (assessed using a self-report questionnaire), and genital arousal
(a sensor measured blood volume in the vulva).

If scheduling your sex life around workouts sounds about as sexy as a coital fart, know that a well-timed sweat session isn’t the only way to exploit the exercise-orgasm connection. Targeting the muscle groups closely linked with sexual pleasure – specifically the pelvic floor: the hammock-shaped group of muscles and connective tissue that runs from your tailbone to your pubic bone – can up the ante, too. A 2010 study in the International Urogynecology Journal found that women with moderate to strong pelvic floor muscles had higher scores when it came to both orgasm and arousal; another found that an eight-week pelvic muscle exercise routine could increase sexual self-efficacy, or a woman’s belief in her body’s ability to perform sexual acts and experience sexual emotional reactions successfully when they’re postpartum.

With that in mind, we asked master trainer Lucie Cowan to design a workout specifically tailored to enhance both sexual experience and function. You can thank us later.

Turns Out A Carefully Curated Exercise Routine Could Increase Your Sexual Pleasure

Heartstopper’s Kit Connor shuts down speculation about his sexuality

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The actor has taken Netflix by storm with his performance in Heartstopper (Picture: REX/Netflix)

Heartstopper star Kit Connor has expertly shut down speculation surrounding his sexuality.

The actor, 18, has become a household name over the past week after Heartstopper rocketed up the Netflix chart and became the series everyone wanted to binge-watch.

Heartstopper sees Kit star opposite Joe Locke, also 18, in what has been hailed a revolutionary and life-changing coming-of-age show for the LGBTQ+ community.

Based on the novels by Alice Oseman, the series tells the story of Charlie Spring (Joe) who develops a crush on form buddy Nick Nelson (Kit).

His feelings are quickly reciprocated, but the pair must battle with keeping their relationship a secret, particularly as Nick comes to terms with his sexuality.

The series also guest stars Olivia Colman, with the Oscar-winning actress making a surprise appearance as rugby star Nick’s mum.

kit connor

Kit’s sexuality is no one’s business but his own (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Thanks to the show’s authentic queer and trans storytelling, countless fans have felt inspired to come out to their own families, however, this has also let to speculation around the actors’ own sexualities, since many play LGBTQ+ characters.

Kit – who you might recognise from Elton John biopic Rocketman – took to Twitter to address any rumours in a light-hearted way.

‘twitter is so funny man. apparently some people on here know my sexuality better than I do…’ He wrote to his rapidly growing follower count.

Fans were quick to shower the young actor in praise and support, reminding him that it’s never right to ‘assume’ someone’s sexuality just because they are in the public eye.

‘Let’s clear some things up. Just stop. Kit hasn’t explicitly come out about his sexuality, so he’s the only person who knows about his sexuality yk (and maybe friends and family). But this idea of trying to cancel people for “queerbaiting” without evidence… is insane,’ tweeted one supporter.

‘your sexuality is your own and no one elses, it’s your right to choose when where and how you want to speak about it, don’t let anyone intimidate u into crossing ur own boundaries bc it’s not worth it,’ another lovingly reassured the star.

Another wrote: ‘You don’t owe an explanation to anyone! That goes to everyone out there!’


The world has well and truly taken Heartstopper into their hearts (Picture: Netflix)

Kit’s tweet comes as co-star Joe – who, like Kit, is currently studying for his A-levels amid the Heartstopper chaos – also reminded people to be mindful of what they share on social media.

Joe – whose first acting gig was Heartstopper – shared a screenshot of a Twitter search, showing that users have been typing in phrases such as, ‘Joe Locke ugly’ and ‘Joe Locke gay.’

In response, he wrote: ‘Everyone should be entitled to an opinion, but just know we see most of the stuff people post online :)’

Heartstopper fans are eagerly awaiting confirmation of a season two following the success of the first eight episodes, with the cast themselves keen for a second instalment to be given the green light.

Actors Yasmin Finney, who plays Elle, and William Gao, who plays Will, have teased a ‘blossoming’ romance between their trail-blazing teen idols, under no illusion that viewers are hanging on the edges of their seats, waiting for them to get together.

William told and other press: ‘Their love story blossoms in season two, at least in the book in the second book. It blossoms and this flower opens out of this love between them.’

‘What was once such a strong beautiful friendship has turned into a beautiful relationship,’ said Yasmin.

‘I’m hoping in season two we see something like that. I don’t know not giving any hints but I’m really excited.’

So, Netflix, if you could let us know the deal with S2 ASAP that would be great, because we’ve already watched the first season 10 times over…

Heartstopper is available to stream now on Netflix.

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Heartstopper’s Kit Connor expertly shuts down speculation about his sexuality

Is it coming to Netflix in May 2022?

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When is Sex/Life Season 2 coming to Netflix?

Netflix has its own share of some pretty sexy and steamy titles like Easy, 365 Days, She’s Gotta Have It, You Get Me, and more to justify the GenZ phrase, Netflix and Chill. The perfect for relaxing and setting the mood, the Netflix catalog has a wide range to choose from, and one of the latest addition to it is the American drama, Sex/Life

Sex/Life follows the dilemma of a woman who tries to figure out between a happy marriage and a satisfying sex life which comes to her in two different men, her husband, and an ex-boyfriend. Inspired by the novel 44 Chapters About 4 Men by BB Easton, the series first came into being on June 25, 2021. 

Since then, fans have been speculating on the second season of the series, and here’s everything we know about Sex/Life Season 2:

Sex/Life Season 2 Release Date

Sex/Life was renewed for a second season back in September 2021, and production for the second installment began in February 2022. However, filming wrapped up only on April 25, 2022, so it is clearly not hitting our screens anytime soon. We can expect the series to be out sometime in June or July 2022, based on the post-production time it took in the first season. Even if things go even a little south, it won’t delay the post-production of Sex/Life Season 2 drastically. So till then, binge-watch Season 1, in case you haven’t.


Sex/Life Season 2 Trailer

Despite the renewal, the series hasn’t received the trailer for its sophomore season yet. Till then, check out the scandalous and steamy trailer of the first season and go binge-watch it immediately, in case you haven’t:

Sex/Life Season 2 Plot

*Spoilers Ahead*

According to Netflix, the show means to portray what happens when ‘a suburban mother of two takes a fantasy-charged trip down memory lane that sets her very married present on a collision course with her wild-child past’.

The first season follows Billie Connelly and her struggles to balance her sexual desires and married life, which twistingly doesn’t come to her in one partner. She is happily married to Cooper, and the duo has two kids. Everything goes well, but the sexual intimacy isn’t what Billie expects. On the other hand is Billie’s ex, Brad, with whom she had a more carefree and spontaneous past. He can satisfy her sexual needs, but he’s clearly not the husband material.

Sex/Life Season 2
Credits: Sex/Life – Instagram

Billie feels equally for both men and literally wants to ‘have it all’. It works out that way for some time. However, at one point, she faces a choice, and she chooses Brad at the end of Season 1. The choice created a controversy among the viewers, and the fans got separated into Team Cooper and Team Brad, but what we feel is that she chose the third option, Team Billie, which means that rather than choosing one above the other, she chose her feelings over someone else’s.  In Sex/Life Season 2, we might see the repercussions of her choice and its effects on the people nearby.

Sex/Life Season 2 Cast

All the main characters are expected to reprise their roles in Sex/Life Season 2, including:

Sex/Life Season 2

  • Sarah Shahi as Billie Connelly. She is a psychology Ph.D. candidate and is married with two children. She chooses what she thought is a ‘happily ever after,’ but now, being a housewife with kids feels suffocating to her, and she is suffering from a severe midlife crisis. Now she craves the spontaneous and carefree life she had before meeting Cooper, and she begins questioning her idea of happiness and every choice she made. 
  • Mike Vogel as Cooper Connelly. Cooper is Billie’s good-boy-type husband. He is a good father and a good husband. However, he was failing to give Billie the exciting life she now wants. 
  • Adam Demos as Brad Simon. Brad is Billie’s ex-boyfriend who suddenly shows up again in her life. The two had a very exciting and steamy relationship, and Brad tries to rekindle it despite Billie being married and a mom of two. Brad is a famous music producer and CEO of a record label that he founded.
  • Margaret Odette as Sasha Snow. Sasha is Billie’s best friend and a psychology professor. She is the one who keeps trying to make Billie believe that her married life is what she actually needs.

How many episodes will be there in Sex/Life Season 2?

There have been no confirmed reports regarding the episodes of Sex/Life Season 2. However, we can expect it to have eight episodes, just like its predecessor. But it can only be confirmed when something will come from either the showrunners or the distributors.

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